Sick: Joe Biden Supporters Erupt in Loud “Lock Him Up!” Chants Regarding Trump During North Carolina Rally While a Grinning Biden Declares “There’s a Time for That” (VIDEO)

Credit: Fox News Screenshot

The enemies in our midst are not limited to the tyrants running the country but also include folks who may be our neighbors as well.

During a rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, Friday, Joe Biden addressed his disastrous debate performance in front of a paltry yet bloodthirsty crowd.

After admitting that he does not debate or move as well as he used to, a fired-up (or drugged up?) Biden began ripping into Trump with a series of disgusting lies before turning his attention to the 45th President’s upcoming trials.

This is when the rally took a dark turn.

“He’s got more trials coming up,” Biden began before the audience interrupted him by demanding the White House occupant throw Trump in prison.

“Lock him up! Lock him up!” the brain-dead fascists screamed.


Instead of taking the high road, Biden quipped, “There’s a time for that,” implying he would throw the 45th President in jail at some point.

Given the current trajectory of the Presidential race, this might be Biden’s only hope at remaining in office.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, Jill Biden also ran cover for her dementia-addled husband during the rally when he looked lost and confused before later finding a burst of energy.


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