REPORT: Joe Biden Set Up to Fail in Debate As Part of “Soft Coup” – Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Makes “Secret” Move to Prepare for Possible Presidential Run

Credit: The Detroit News

Biden’s debate collapse was reportedly a set-up as part of a “soft coup,” and a prominent replacement may already be waiting in the wings.

The Daily Mail spoke to Democrat operatives on Saturday who say Biden’s debate was part of a set-up to ensure he fell flat on his face so they could eventually replace him with someone younger and more competent.

“There has never been a debate this early before,” a former Hillary Clinton aide explained to the outlet. “Traditionally, the debates are held after the Republican and Democratic conventions, which are in July and August.”

“There is a growing belief this was a ‘soft coup’ because they know he isn’t fit to govern and have known for some time,” the aide continued. “They wanted to test him against Trump early while there was still time to replace him if he failed to rise to the occasion. Which, of course, he did spectacularly.”

Another aide told the Daily Mail that Democrat leadership knew for weeks Biden would fall apart but kept it secret for fear of being disloyal.

“Publicly, the Democratic leadership has been backing Biden because they can’t appear to be disloyal to the President,” the second aide said. “But privately, there have been discussions going on for a long time that he’s too old to beat Trump.”

“There were whispers for weeks that ‘Joe’s going down at the debate,'” he added.

The Daily Mail also reports that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has made a significant move to launch a presidential bid potentially. It turns out she “secretly” sent out an advance team to Washington DC weeks ago as part of the preparation.

From the Mail:

One of the favourites to replace Biden – Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, 52 – secretly sent an advance team to Washington DC “weeks ago” to prepare for her possible presidential run.

The team has been ‘on manoeuvres’ and meeting with Democratic officials. The source said: “Gretchen was the first to act. Now the floodgates have been opened.”

Whitmer has long been tipped as a top Democrat presidential candidate and was a finalist for Biden’s running mate slot in 2020. While not well-known by the general public, Joe Biden likes her, and she is fairly popular with Michigan voters.

As The Gateway Pundit has reported, Whitmer has ruled the Wolverine State as a corrupt tyrant, terrorizing her constituents at every turn. She has consistently sold Michigan out to the Chinese Communist Party and pushed through several pieces of far-left legislation to permanently transform the state in her image.

Moreover, she was one of the most loathsome figures during COVID, pushing punishing lockdowns for small businesses and schools while exempting herself from her own rules.

Tudor Dixon, Whitmer’s Republican opponent in Michigan’s 2022 Gubernatorial election, predicted that Whitmer would replace Biden if he bombed the debate (which he did).

“If pathological liar Joe Biden fails tonight, this is the next pathological liar they’ll replace him with,” she wrote.

If this prediction comes to fruition, America should be terrified if Whitmer somehow prevails against Trump.


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