LIVE SPEECH at 6 PM ET: President Trump Speaks To THOUSANDS In Detroit at Massive Convention

When it comes to showing up to President Trump in person, Michigan is a state that never disappoints. The so-called “blue” state (which, if we’re being honest, would be solid red if we didn’t have the dirtiest trio of Democrats running our elections). And anyone living in Michigan who’s paid attention to the lawfare and threats that have been tossed around by the 3 top officials in the state recognizes that Trump will have an uphill battle in Nov. 2024.

MI Democrat AG Nessel, Democrat Governor Whitmer, and Democrat SOS Benson. MI SOS Jocelyn Benson fights to implement and keep illegal processes in place that make it easier to steal our elections. MI AG Nessel prosecutes and threatens jail for anyone who questions election results and a governor whose primary focus is setting herself up to run in Joe Biden’s spot when he’s inevitably replaced.

Although Turning Point Action’s People’s Convention had an impressive line-up of some of the top conservatives in America, President Trump is by far the biggest ticket to the event held at the same palace where the 2020 election was reportedly stolen in 2020. Although a recent poll shows that voter fraud in the upcoming 2024 election is the number two concern of Americans, very little was discussed about voter fraud at the conference, and somehow Turning Point Action forgot to include Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit. Jim has led the way in uncovering and reporting on the most important voter fraud stories from the 2020 election, including every major voter fraud story in Michigan to date.

Thousands of Trump supporters lined up inside the Huntington Place (former TCF Center) to hear President Trump speak. About 50% of the Trump supporters are high school and college-age young adults.

Kev Posobiec shared a great video of the line of people to get in to see Trump 6 hours before he was set to appear.

Trump will appear LIVE at 6 pm ET. To watch his LIVE speech, go here:


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