Leftist London Mayor Sadiq Khan Bans City’s Taxis From Displaying ENGLISH FLAGS During European Football Championships

The Gateway Pundit reported that London’s leftist Mayor Sadiq Khan, Khan known for his ties to Islamism and far-left rhetoric, won a third term in office in May.

Now, Khan’s Transport for London (TfL) has imposed a ‘woke’ ban on London’s taxi drivers, warning them against flying an England flag during the UEFA European Football Championship (the Euros) or face serious penalties, including losing their black cab license.

TfL bosses used the excuse that flying the St George’s Cross could be ‘distracting’ and possibly cause road accidents.

Brexit champion Nigel Farage, who recently announced he will stand to be a Reform party MP, is not buying the excuse.

Farage said on X, “Khan really hates England.”

Drivers have slammed the new rule suggesting the flags are no more distracting than advertisements painted on cars and that the decision is another bow to the woke crowd concerned that a display of English pride will offend minorities.

Black cab driver Fred Perkins told The Sun,  “It’s nonsense. It’s all coming down from Khan at the top, because he’s ultimately in charge.”

Adding, “Our society has really gone woke when we can’t fly a little flag for England for the Euros. Loads of drivers used to have flags on their cabs in years gone by.”

Per The Sun:

David Lawrie, director of the National Private Hire Association cabbies’ organization, which represents hundreds of London drivers, said: “Khan should not have put this rule in place.

“It’s woke mentality. Is it because some people view the England flag as offensive?

“There are St George’s flags on private hire vehicles in Manchester, so why can’t drivers fly them in London?


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