JUST IN: AZ Senate GOP Says Man Who Stole Security Fob and Keys From Maricopa County Tabulation Center Allegedly Also Stole Items From Senate Employees

Bizarre new details continue to emerge about the individual accused of stealing a security key fob and keys from the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MCTEC), which are raising eyebrows ahead of the July 30 local Primary Elections in Arizona. 

This includes another alleged theft from Arizona Senate staff, according to Arizona Senate Republicans.

“I’m sure there’s a simple explanation for this,” political advisor Caroline Wren quipped. “Walter Ringfield Jr is probably just an avid collector of election & government related artifacts & was just borrowing these items from Maricopa County Elections & the AZ Senate in order to display them for his at home collection.”

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The Gateway Pundit reported on Walter Ringfield Jr., a temporary election worker, who allegedly stole a security fob and keys from MCTEC. As it turns out, it appears he was also a registered Democrat and prospective 2024 Senate Candidate as recently as last year, and he was charged with stealing $1,000 cash from a valley Fry’s grocery store. Though the charges were apparently dropped after he entered a diversion program, indicating a possible guilty plea in exchange for dismissal, it is unclear how he was even allowed to work in the elections department, given the background check process.

Strangely, as pointed out by leftists in the Arizona media, Ringfield also has a Truth Social account “that suggests otherwise” than him being a Democrat and “signals a lean to the right,” says leftist hack Garrett Archer. However, Ringfield was reportedly registered to vote as a Democrat in 2020 and 2022 and is now not registered with a party. His Truth Social page displays a photo of himself with former Democrat congressional candidate Jevin Hodge, liberal Tempe Councilwoman Bedetta Hodge, and CNN analyst Bakari Sellers, seemingly at a campaign event.

Screenshot via @imjustheresoiwontbefined on Truth

Additionally, he has been photographed with Democrat Senators Amy Klobuchar and Mark Kelly:

What’s more, Ringfield apparently worked as “volunteer staff” for Our Voice Our Vote, a far-left nonprofit organization in 2022

Everything about this is so strange. Another psyop?

Election workers are now in the process of reprogramming the tabulators and reconducting Logic and Accuracy Testing, which was a source of controversy after the 2022 election when tabulators were intentionally programmed to fail on election day. The Gateway Pundit reported more on this incident and outlined the potential for more nefarious activities on election day when Republicans turn out to vote.

MORE: Temp. Election Worker in Maricopa County Arrested for Stealing Security Fob and Keys From Tabulation Center Was Registered Democrat Who Filed Papers to Run for Senate, Previously Charged With a Crime (VIDEO)

This is still a developing story...

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