Judge Merchan Partially Lifts Unconstitutional Trump Gag Order Ahead of July 11 Sentencing

Judge Merchan on Tuesday partially lifted Trump’s gag order ahead of his July 11 sentencing.

Trump is now allowed to publicly speak about Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen and other witnesses. However, the judge has still barred Trump from speaking about prosecutors, court staff and their families.

President Trump previously asked the Court to lift the gag order “because the trial has concluded.”

Biden’s DOJ hatchet man Matthew Colangelo earlier this month asked Merchan to keep the gag order in place to “avoid threats to the fairness of the trial itself.”

Alvin Bragg’s prosecutors asked Judge Juan Merchan to keep Trump’s gag order in place even though a jury returned a guilty verdict in the ‘hush money.’

CNN reported:

Former President Donald Trump can now publicly speak about witnesses like Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels who testified at his New York criminal trial, according to a court order on Tuesday that rolls back parts of a gag order Judge Juan Merchan imposed before the trial began.

Trump, however, cannot discuss any prosecutor, court staffer or their family members, as the latest order from Merchan upholds that portion of the gag order. That aspect of the gag order remains in effect at least until his sentencing, which is set for July 11, the latest ruling says.

The new order Tuesday also lifts the bar on public statements about jurors but notes disclosure of any personally identifying information of any juror is still prohibited.

Merchan rolled back parts of the order Tuesday, noting that “circumstances have now changed” following Trump’s conviction on 34 counts of falsifying business records last month.

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