Join The Gateway Pundit TONIGHT at 7:00 PM ET for a Twitter Space to Pray for J6 Political Prisoners and Hear Updates From Some of the Great Americans Who Fight for Them

Join The Gateway Pundit tonight at 7:00 pm Eastern for a Twitter Space to pray for J6 political prisoners and to hear for some of the folks who work so hard on their behalf.

You can join the space here.

Today, the Supreme Court delivered a major blow to the corrupt Biden DOJ and overturned the use of 1512(c)(2) in J6 cases in a massive win for political prisoners.

Tonight, we will bring together some of those who have supported J6 prisoners as well as some of the prisoners themselves.

Speakers will include:

Pastor Corey Shankleton from Transformation Michigan. Pastor Corey and seven other pastors have done a Prayer Call in Michigan for the last three years straight every single night at 9 PM EST with thousands of people from all over the country. Pastor Corey also helped lead legal advocacy for the heartbeat bill in Michigan and Florida.

You can visit Transform Michigan for more information on how to join their live prayer call.

Trennis Evans from Condemned USA Trennis is a fierce advocate when it comes to fighting for the J6ers and their families. His legal advocacy, Condemned USA has advocated for hundreds of January 6th hostages, helping them retain counsel, legal fundraising, and travel arrangements for court. Trennis has also expanded his efforts for justice and has begun filing massive lawsuits against the Corrupt tyrants who are targeting President Trump. Please visit for more.

Suzanne Monk has an amazing way of getting things done for J6ers. Her charisma, humor and pure passion for justice makes her the perfect match to expose the facts about January 6th and the communism that has been brought to America. Suzanne has recently started the J6 pardon project which aims to give a legal template for President Trump to help him with a path to be able to pardon each one of the January 6 defendants on day one.

David Sumrall from StopHate. David and his team of dedicated video investigators have spent hundreds of days going through thousands of hours of January 6th footage. People like Daniel Goodwyn and Tommy Tatum have helped David expose some of the most important evidence that played a role in changing the conversation about January 6th. If you are a J6er who needs help collecting evidence please visit their website to get faithful assistance.

Paula Calloway from the Patriot Mail Project. Paula and and her team of volunteers have launched one of the largest and most influential databases that helps keep track of each January 6th hostage. Their website, has information on how to send letters, contact and donate to each of the hundreds of J6ers being held in jail. They also help us celebrate each of their birthdays by announcing them each day. Please visit for more.

Tim Rivers and Marie Goodwyn from the American Gulag Chronicles. The American Gulag Chronicles is a book filled with letters written by the January 6 hostages. Many of these letters were written when these brave men and women were being held in solitary confinement. Tim and Marie are passionate advocates for January 6 prisoners who came up with this amazing idea that has now become a staple throughout the entire country. These stories will break your heart and will really help to awaken you to the truth of how terrible this truly is for our country. They have exposed the communism that has taken over America and have shown how hundreds of God-loving, law-abiding American citizens are being persecuted.

Please visit the for more information and to buy the first and second editions of these heartfelt letters from prison.

Rachel Myers, Isaac Thomas, Hoang Quan, and attorney Steven Metcalf from J6 Legal. J6 legal was started by J6 political prisoner Jake Lang from the walls of solitary confinement. Recently, Jake spent his fourth birthday in pretrial detention without a trial. He is still currently being held in solitary confinement in a New York prison and in torturous conditions.

Rachel, Jake’s faithful fiancé and also a J6er, Hoang, Steven Metcalf and Isaac have worked around the clock day and night to help Jake build an organization for legal fundraising that has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills to help assist January 6th defendants. They have also helped J6ers retain legal council, provided emergency family funding and funds for the prison commissary for January 6 patriots being held in Pre and post-trial confinement.

In addition, other J6 political prisoners will join the call and share their testimon the call We can use the in between time and the leftover to have other J6ers that are on the call give their testimonies and we will accept more J6ers calls from the prisons.

The space will close with a prayer.

You can join the space here.