Joe Biden Reportedly Unable to Focus on Job Because He is Worried and Obsessed About Hunter Biden Gun Trial

Joe Biden is having trouble focusing on day-to-day tasks of his job because he is worried about the Hunter Biden gun trial and is obsessing over it, according to recent reports.

It has always been clear that Hunter is a weak and vulnerable point for Joe Biden. When he is forced to comment on his son or defend his history, he has a pattern of losing his cool pretty quickly.

The fact that Jill Biden has been visible in the courtroom during the trial suggests that she is worried about the outcome as well.

Breitbart News reports:

Report: Distracted Joe Biden Obsesses, Worries About Hunter’s Gun Trial

President Joe Biden is having trouble focusing on work because he is obsessing and worrying about his son’s gun trial in Delaware, a report by Politico claims.

The White House claimed twice Joe Biden will not pardon Hunter if found guilty in his gun or tax cases.

Joe Biden, who is in France to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, is closely following Hunter Biden’s trial, which Politico characterized as a “distraction,” according to three people familiar with his conversations.

White House aides reportedly hope Joe Biden’s trip to France will “help Biden obsess a little less about the trial,” but “advisers know it will never be far from his mind.”

Joe Biden is constantly texting and calling family members who are watching the proceedings back home for updates, Politico set out.

First Lady Jill Biden, who attended the first two days, and Hunter’s wife Melissa Cohen Biden, are in court Wednesday. At least ten Biden associates are in the gallery, NBC News reported.

Joe Biden has good reasons to be worried. The Hunter trial is revealing damning new details almost every day.

It’s a political nightmare for Joe.


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