Inside J6 With Larry Stackhouse in First Interview by Recently Released J6er – Incredible Insight Into Hopelessness and Despair Many J6er’s Suffer

Last week on Inside J6 brought to you by Blessed.News and The Gateway Pundit, J6er Larry Stackhouse joined us for his first-ever public interview after finishing his sentence.

Stackhouse discussed being present at the rally with the fiancé of J6er and Blessed.News founder Jake Lang, who has been locked up for over 1200 days without a trial.

Stackhouse witnessed first-hand the abuses and incitements that day that began with the shooting of tear gas, pepper balls, and other munitions into a peaceful crowd that was singing, chanting, and praying.  He also was in the immediate vicinity of Derrick Vargo, who was pushed off a 30-foot railing by a police officer, falling several stories and suffering a broken leg.  Stackhouse witnessed the police not necessarily helping Vargo but rather forming a perimeter around him.

The DC police officer who pushed Vargo was identified as Officer Bryant Williams and, like Lt. Michael Byrd, who shot Ashli Babbitt, has not been charged, despite recklessly endangering Vargo by pushing him rather than pulling him over the railing to safety.  Vargo posed no threat as the balcony was full of police officers who could have dealt with him once pulled over.

Stackhouse also gives an intimate look into the personal sufferings endured by himself and many other J6ers, including being let out of jail with no money, no phone, and a complete abandonment from those closest to them after being labeled as “domestic terrorists” and “insurrectionist” by a narrative-driven Mockingbird Media.  Stackhouse was not charged with any violence on that day and was only in the Capitol for eight minutes after being allowed entry by Capitol Police.

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