INSANE VIDEO: Biden Tells Watch Party ‘I Wanna Go Home With Ya!’ — Before Turning Back to Crowd and Walking Off

In a moment of total insanity, even for Joe Biden, he told the watch party crowd after the debate, “I wanna go home with ya,” before turning his back to the crowd, handing the microphone back to the host, and leaving the stage.

The incident took place at a campaign watch party in Atlanta.

CNN cut to the watch party but pretended the incident had never happened after returning to their panel.

Biden’s debate performance was so stunningly bad that the CNN panel asked each other if he realized how badly he had done just before cutting to a feed of the watch party.

CNN also quoted Democratic operatives as saying, “It’s hard to argue that Biden should be our nominee.”

The second debate will be hosted by ABC News in September. The network has not yet announced moderators for that debate.


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