Former White House Physican Ronny Jackson on Biden: “Biden is Not There, He is Not Mentally Fit to Be Our Commander in Chief” (VIDEO)

Former White House physician and current Congressman Ronny Jackson (R) attended President Trump’s birthday celebration in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Friday.

Rep Jackson shared his experience as a physician to three former presidents and commented on Biden’s mental capacity.

“I took care of three Presidents. I was at the White House for 14 years on active duty as a Navy physician,” Jackson said.

“You know my President is Trump, you all know that right?” Jackson said.

“I’ve seen what it takes mentally and physically to do the job of President. And I can tell you right now Biden is not there. He is not mentally fit to be our Commander in Chief, to be our President. He is an absolute embarrassment to this country. He is putting us in danger. Look at what he has done to our southern border, look at what he has done to our reputation overseas,” Jackson continued.


Watching Biden at work in his every day tasks clearly shows that he is in major cognitive decline. While watching a skydive at the G7 meeting in Italy, Biden starts to wander off.

Things got so bad that Italy’s Prime Minister Meloni had to retrieve Joe Biden.

Video footage shows Biden wandering off.


Biden was slurring his speech while sitting with leaders at the G7 meeting.



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