Far-Left Squad Member Rep. Cori Bush Claims She Can Perform Miracles and Cure Tumors in Autobiography

Cori Bush speaking at an Expect Us rally
Craig Currie via Photo News 247
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

In her autobiography, far-left squad member Rep. Cori Bush claims that she can perform miracles and cure tumors.

These stunning claims are made in Rep. Bush’s book, “The Forerunner: A Story of Pain and Perseverance in America.”

“As I learned how to apply God’s Word to my life in new ways, I better understood the power that was already residing in me,” Bush wrote.

The politician continued, “It was there, waiting for me to acknowledge it, to use it. I had the confidence to heal others with God’s power.”

Bush claimed that she healed a toddler who could not walk during a prayer service in St. Louis.

“The child had had a bleed in her brain, shortly after she was born, and so couldn’t walk. She had never taken a step in her life,” Bush claimed. “I carried the child from the prayer room in the back of the church out into the sanctuary . . . ‘Walk,’ I said gently to the three-year-old girl, ‘you will walk.’ And this girl took her first step. Then another, and another. She walked.”

“Her grandmother walked into the sanctuary just in time to see the child take about two dozen steps. She screamed, and then she kept screaming,” Bush continued. “When she caught her breath, she looked at me in wonder and said, ‘Praise God.’ She grabbed her granddaughter and walked with her out of the church.”

In another anecdote, Bush claimed that she cured a woman who was suffering from multiple tumors.

“One woman whom we met had several visible tumors on her torso. She was due to have surgery but lacked health insurance and living in the park. One of the tumors was particularly painful to her. I laid hands on her and prayed, and I felt that my hand was no longer touching a tumor. It shrank along with the others on her body.”

The book was released in 2022 to little fanfare, but the claims were highlighted in a new report from the New York Post.

The report added:

Bush has long been affiliated with a faith-healing church in Missouri, whose lead pastor told the Washington Free Beacon in 2021 that he cured her of coronavirus through faith healing over the phone.

Bush is currently one of the most embattled “Squad” lawmakers and is locked in a tough primary against Wesley Bell, the prosecuting attorney of St. Louis.

Polls suggest she is trailing Bell by a double-digit margin.

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