Dr. Ben Carson on Biden’s Health: “They Knew from the Beginning That he was Having Some Cognitive Issues” (VIDEO)

Dr. Ben Carson was on “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday to discuss Biden’s health issues.

“Do you believe President Biden Makes it to the election?” Bartiromo asked Dr. Carson.

“They are gathering and trying to figure out how they get out of this dilemma which they created because they knew from the beginning that he was having some cognitive issues,” Dr. Carson said.

“There is such a desire for power and prestige that you put the welfare of the country and the people on the back burner,” Dr. Carson continued.

“They don’t have anything to run on so all they do is try to demonize Donald Trump,” Dr. Carson said.


Dr. Carson also talked about swing voters regarding the 2024 election.

“We are talking about the cost of essentials which is really the main issue when people go to vote,” Bartiromo commented.

“All of these very, very, deep blue areas are now questionable for the Democrats,” Bartiromo continued.

“The polling shows that Trump is tied with Biden in Virginia which is traditionally quite a blue state and is leading in Pennsylvania. I think that is going to continue to grow,” Dr. Carson said.


Biden’s cognitive decline was most recently evident while he was at the G7 Summit in Italy and wandered off during a skydive performance last week.



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