California Man Charged with Murder After Single Punch Kills Bar Manager

A California man has been charged with murder after killing a bar manager with a single punch.

Leonard Hector Korpie, 26, allegedly punched the Santa Monica bar manager after he and another customer were thrown out of the bar for fighting.

The bar manager’s name has not been publicly released.

In a press release about the charges, the Santa Monica Police Department wrote, “On Tuesday, June 11, 2024, at approximately 12:05 AM, officers responded to the 2700 block of Main Street, near Jameson’s Pub, in response to a radio call of a Battery that Just Occurred. A fight ensued on the street when the Jameson’s manager asked several patrons to leave.”

“Out on the street, one of the patrons punched the manager, causing him to lose consciousness. When the officers arrived on scene, the manager was not breathing. Officers administered CPR until the Santa Monica Fire Department arrived and took over lifesaving measures.”

The victim was transported to a local hospital, where he ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

“When they reached the sidewalk, there was an argument,” Santa Monica police Lt. Erika Aklufi told KTLA. “A single punch was thrown. The victim likely hit his head on the way down to the ground, and it was those things that ended up leading to his death. This is one of those tragic examples of how when alcohol is involved in an incident, something that could be very minor ends up turning into a life-changing event that is affecting many lives.”

Korpie is currently being held on $2 million bond.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for July 17.


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