Another U.S. Tourist Killed by an Elephant in Zambia – New Mexico Woman Was Pulled From Her Tour Group Vehicle and Trampled Upon

When it comes to American tourists, 2024 is not a good year for safaris in Zambia.

It has just arisen that ANOTHER US tourist has been killed by an elephant in Zambia.

The enraged gigantic beast pulled the middle-aged woman from her tour group’s vehicle and trampled her, local officials said.

The New York Post reported:

“Juliana Gle Tourneau, 64, of New Mexico, was with a group that had stopped near the Maramba Cultural Bridge in Livingstone due to traffic from an elephant herd when one of the animals attacked, Southern Province Police Commissioner Auxensio Daka told the Zambian broadcaster ZNBC.

The elephant tossed Tourneau out of the group’s vehicle and trampled her to death.

Wednesday’s incident marked the second fatal elephant attack on a US tourist in Zambia this year: In March, another traveler was killed when an elephant charged at their truck and flipped it over.”

While this may only amount to bad luck, there is also concern that animal protection – which is a good thing – may be causing the elephant populations to swell – which would be a dangerous thing.

BBC reported:

“Zambian authorities have called on tourists to exercise extreme caution while observing wildlife around the country.

Zambia’s neighbors Zimbabwe and Botswana have also raised concern about increasing elephant populations in their respective countries.”

Earlier in March, another Safari in Africa “got way too real, and it ended with an overturned truck and a dead elderly American tourist, as a furious wild bull elephant charged at a group of tourists and a guide in the Jungle of Zambia.

An 80-year-old American woman ended up dying from her wounds.

The six tourists were doing a Safari with the group Wilderness Zambia, and were out on a photography tour when they came under attack by the enraged animal.”


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