Americans Can Save Our Constitution From Organized Federal Judicial Corruption—Here’s How

A guest post by Manuel P. Asensio – Chairman of St. Johns County Presidential Republican Executive Committee

Manuel P. Asensio

To save our Constitution, we must unite and insist that President Donald J. Trump confront John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court and chief executive officer of the US Judicial Conference in Washington, D.C.

The Roberts Court, April 23, 2021
-Photograph by Fred Schilling, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States

President Trump beat Hillary, but he did not beat the alliances Roberts had with former president Obama. Now President Trump must end Roberts’s reign of personal corruption in America.

It is at the US Judicial Conference where Roberts and the federal judges rig the nation’s trial and appeal processes to suit their own personal interests. It is here where the federal judges have taken over the Judicial Conduct Act and the Rules Enactment Act – our two greatest legislatively created laws. Congress specifically created these laws to protect you and your family’s peace of mind and property from corrupt federal judges and the lawyers they use to get what they want.

Congress explicitly designed these two anti-judicial corruption laws to prevent federal judges from stepping outside of their very narrow constitutionally prescribed lane. These are the two laws that the president and Congress created to keep judges in their proper place and lawyers in their place. Most lawyers have never heard of or much less ever worked with the US Judicial Conference, the Judicial Conduct Act, and the Rules Enactment Act. The reason for this is simple. These two laws are bad for the business of America’s judicial industrial complex and good for freedom.

The Judicial Conduct Act and the Rules Enactment Act are meant to prevent judges and lawyers from taking control of due process and the rule of law in America. These two laws are the cornerstones of preserving, protecting, and perpetuating the Constitution’s great values of independence, liberty, and principles of the separation and limits on the powers of government.

To save our Constitution, we must discard the notion that lawyers have an interest in defending our Constitution. Without corrupt lawyers, there would be no organized judicial corruption. It is the lawyers who have sold us a bill of goods that federal judges get to regulate the Judicial Conduct Act and the Rules Enactment Act and then rule over the Constitution. It is the lawyers that have joined together with the federal judges to create a so called “post-modern society.” This post-modern is nonsense but good business for lawyers. This is why federal judges have become metaphors for pretentiousness, hypocrisy, collective denial, or hollowness – we all see the absurdity of judges and lawyers pretending to be straight when they are not.

Post-modern philosophy is not a high-minded idea lawyers created to improve American society or wealth. Post-modern philosophy is not any improvement on America’s constitutional capitalist democratic republic or the secular wisdom of Judeo-Christian values and principles. It is the same evil Fascist and Communist ideas created by Giovanni Gentile and Karl Marx under a different label. It is the devilish idea that the government possesses divine wisdom and infinite knowledge. Post-modern philosophy is an evil judicial scheme to destroy our Constitution’s rule of law. Without vigorous prosecutions under the Judicial Conduct Act. Without proper administration of the Judicial Conduct Act and the Rules Enactment Act, the Supremacy Clause’s declaration that the Constitution is US Supreme Law for the entire nation is meaningless.

To save our Constitution, we must accept that it was Roberts, our 17th chief justice of the United States, and President Barrack Obama, our 44th president, who opened the floodgates of organized judicial corruption. Roberts came into power in 2005. Obama appeared in 2009. Together they pulverized the Judicial Conduct Act and the Rules Enactment Act and destroyed the rule of law. Obama violated his oath to defend the Constitution. Roberts violated his oath to administer justice in accordance with the Constitution.

Roberts’s fabrication of executive power for himself is worse than our Founding Fathers ever imagined possible. He has taken control of the Constitution and the two laws whose sole and exclusive purpose is to regulate organized judicial corruption. This is the reason lawyers protect and glorify Roberts’s silly buffoonery. He is money in the bank.

President Trump’s lawyers are following the post-modern philosophy script. They are acting as if the terrible thing judges can repair through normal appeals – this is the great lie that has allowed Roberts to turn himself into an executive powerhouse. This is the same lie that President Trump’s White House lawyers used to persuade Vice President Mike Pence to reject the wisdom and truth of the Electoral Commission Act of 1877’s Constitutional Compromise and to take the verification of the 2020 election’s faithfulness to the Constitution into his own hands.

Organized federal judicial corruption at the US Judicial Conference has brought Giovanni Gentile’s Fascist ideas and Karl Marx’s Communist manifesto into the center of the American government. We must insist President Trump file a Consideration to confront Roberts and save the Constitution and rule of law.

To get further information on the St. Johns Presidential Executive Committee’s Federal Judiciary Policy Plan, visit You can contact us at [email protected] or leave your comments on our hotline at (863) WINRED-1 [(863) 946-7331]. Our office number is (561) 946-1000.

Manuel P. Asensio and Robert A. Harris are co-authors of this article and the co-chairmen of the St. Johns Presidential Executive Committee. The Committee believes it has the information that President Donald J. Trump needs to file a Consideration at the US Judicial Conference before any judge enters any further judicial conclusions in his cases. President Trump’s Consideration will address both Republican and Democratic Parties’ federal judiciary policy towards the federal judges that allow them to violate our Constitution. This unconstitutional undemocratic bipartisanship is the cause of organized judicial corruption. The Trump Consideration must come before the American People and Congress. Under the US Constitution and US law, a Consideration at the US Judicial Conference is how President Trump’s cases belong. This is a matter of plain and simple truth.

Asensio founded Asensio & Company, the first Wall Street firm dedicated to fighting corruption. His phenomenally successful investigations uncovered fraud harming investors and improved capital markets. As a result, he became known as a pioneer of information arbitrage. In 2016, Asensio founded the Institute of Judicial Conduct to research corruption in the regulation of the federal judiciary and the administration of family liberty and individual rights. His congressional campaign brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to the political arena.

A conservative Christian Republican, Asensio has experience with left-wing government takeovers in Cuba, Venezuela, and the United States of America. He earned his undergraduate degree from the Wharton School of Business and his graduate degree from Harvard Business School.

Asensio was born in Cuba and fled communism at six years old, two weeks after the Bay of Pigs invasion. His parents taught him since childhood to embrace conservative values and to fight for individual dignity and independence. Caridad Asensio, Asensio’s mother, is cofounder of the Caridad Center, Florida’s largest free health clinic and one of the largest in the nation. She is a member of the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame and a recipient of the National Jefferson Award.


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