WATCH: “It’s Like The Mr. Potato Head Doll of Crimes!” – Rep Matt Gaetz and Anna Paulina Luna GO OFF on Judge Merchan and “Made Up Crime” Against Trump Outside Manhattan Courthouse

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) condemns the witch hunt against Donald Trump outside the Manhattan courthouse

President Donald Trump is back in court today for Alvin Bragg’s show trial in New York City.

The prosecution has yet to define the alleged criminal act that President Trump committed.

Former Trump Attorney and serial liar Michael Cohen will be grilled by the defense today after his questionable testimony earlier this week.

The Gateway Pundit reported on live updates from the show trial by The Gateway Pundit contributor Paul Ingrassia, who is in attendance.

Trump is joined in court today by Reps. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Eli Crane (R-AZ), Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), Mike Waltz (R-FL), Ralph Norman (R-SC), Diana Harshbarger (R-TN), Andy Ogles (R-TN), Michael Cloud (R-TX), and Bob Good (R-VA).

As The Gateway Pundit reported, on Monday, Trump was accompanied in court by North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), Rep. Cory Millis (R-FL), former GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, and turncoat Speaker Mike Johnson, the worthless GOP House House leader who sides with Democrats and neglects his voting base on every issue possible.

Donalds, Mills, and Ramaswamy spoke to the press during the trial to condemn the weaponization of justice against Donald Trump and the testimony of convicted perjurer Michael Cohen.

WATCH: Vivek Ramaswamy, Rep. Byron Donalds and Rep. Cory Mills Speak Outside Manhattan Court House, Slam Crooked Judge, Biden Regime, and Convicted Perjurer Michael Cohen

Matt Gaetz and Anna Paulina Luna both gave fiery speeches condemning convicted perjurer Michael Cohen and the corrupt leftwing Judge's family, who is paid by Democrats, earlier during the show trial today.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Wednesday that Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-WY) launched an all-out attack against Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) in a Judiciary Committee Hearing for not only preparing liar Michael Cohen for his testimony but also having Merchan's daughter's consulting firm on his campaign's payroll and giving her over $150,000 as her father oversees a sham election interference trial against the Democratic Party's top political rival, Donald J. Trump.


Watch below:

Gaetz: There is literally no branch of government that Michael Cohen has not lied to. He lied to investigators, he lied to the judge who sentenced him, he lied to the United States Congress, and he committed these lies for his own benefit. And while we're talking about what we saw in that courtroom going on for people's own benefit, we would be remiss if we did not mention this corrupt judge, this judge whose own family is making six figures off of Democrat politics and continues to gaslight the country that there's some sort of crime committed by President Trump.

This is a made-up crime. No other American in the country would be charged with this type of crime. It's like the Mr. Potato Head doll of crimes, where they had to stick together a bunch of things that did not belong together. Observing the jury, I could see that there was a great appreciation for the liar that Michael Cohen was, and we are not getting a fair shake in front of this judge. The prosecutors don't even have to seek a basis for their objections. He's agreeing with the prosecutors without even hearing the argument on these objections. And there should be evidence getting in about the depth and breadth of Michael Cohen's lies that we're not seeing entered into it. And so we're here voluntarily supporting our friend, President Trump, the leader of our movement, the leader of our party, and soon again, the leader of this great country.

Luna: I also want to point out that they're telling people that they can't have cameras in the courtroom, but if they have nothing to hide, and if they're truly being honest about this, why is it that you guys can't be in the courtroom and see exactly what we're seeing? Just because we're members of Congress does not mean we have authority more than you guys to know exactly what's happening in that courtroom. So, just an update: the President is doing well; he's in good spirits. We're here today because we know that this is nonsense and should not be happening in the United States of America.

Furthermore, to Cohen, who admitted to lying to members of Congress, that's contempt of Congress just so that you are tracking, and I want to follow it up by saying this: It is by no coincidence that you have Goldman, a member of House Oversight, who's a Democrat and prepared Cohen for his testimony, is also retained by the Judges daughter as a client. Does that seem like it's not a sham to you? It is corrupt lawfare. It's the Biden prosecutions, and Biden you're gonna lose this election cycle.

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