MUST SEE VIDEO: “I 100% Believe” He Will Stand With The Establishment – RINO NV Senate Candidate Sam Brown’s Campaign Staffers Expose His Anti-Trump Agenda in Undercover Recording (EXCLUSIVE)

Video recordings provided exclusively to The Gateway Pundit by an undercover journalist show Nevada Senate candidate Sam Brown’s staffers revealing a hidden agenda to appeal to the RINO Establishment if he is sent to Washington, D.C.

RINO Sam Brown and America First Nevada Senate candidate Dr. Jeff Gunter are currently vying for President Trump’s endorsement and a win in the GOP primary for the U.S. Senate in Nevada.

In an undercover interview, unafilliated Nevada political consultant Woodrow Johnston noted that Trump’s endorsement “is so powerful if he endorses someone they’ll win the primary.”

The Gateway Pundit published an interview with Jeff Gunter, a real Trump supporter and Trump’s former ambassador to Iceland, earlier this year. We also reported that Sam Brown is financially backed by Americans for Prosperity, the Koch-backed group that staunchly supported Nikki Haley since last November; long-time Mitch McConnell donor Gregory Ciongoli; Thomas McInerney, a John Bolton megadonor who also backed DeSantis for President; and several other never-Trump donors.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: US Senate Candidate and Trump Ambassador to Iceland Jeff Gunter Takes on Republican Sam Brown Who is Funded by Koch and Nikki Haley Donors in Nevada GOP Primary in Bid to Flip Seat (VIDEO)

“He’s a hardcore RINO, a Mitch McConnell guy, loves Nikki Haley and is funded by the same people,” said Gunter.

In the interviews below, taken at the 2024 Nevada GOP Convention, Sam Brown Field Director Nikolas Madison confirms that Brown will "absolutely" stand "with the Establishment." When asked if he'd do that, Madison responded, "I 100% believe so." He also agreed that members of Congress need to vote against Trump and thinks Sam Brown "is capable of recognizing the situation."

The Gateway Pundit contacted Nikolas Madison, but he did not immediately provide comment.

Campaign Manager Faith Jones, who agrees that Nevada is "definitely a Trump state," said that Sam Brown is "just a mix" and does not fall in the pro-Trump camp after the undercover journalist said, "I hope he's definitely more of an Establishment [candidate]." During the interview, Jones suspiciously looked around, apparently to make sure she wasn't overheard, while noting that the Trumpers at the Nevada GOP Convention will "get you."

Jones could not be reached for comment.

In another cut, Nikolas Madison again says that Brown is not fully running on a pro-Trump platform, but "he's not like against everything that Trump says," implying that he is against Trump—just not all the way. Madison also said he does not know if Sam Brown voted for Trump in the presidential race.

Meanwhile, Sam Brown publicly claims that he looks forward to "working with President Trump to return hope, security, and opportunity to Nevadans."

Finally, the video concludes with Woodrow Johnston, a political consultant, telling the undercover reporter, "[Trump's] endorsement is so powerful if he endorses someone they'll win the primary." Is this why Sam Brown is secretly pro-Establishment?

Johnston told The Gateway he is not affiliated with the Sam Brown campaign in any capacity and stands by his statement that Trump's endorsement is the most powerful in the state of Nevada.

Based on Sam Brown's Establishment backers and admissions by his team that he is not going to back Trump's agenda in DC, it is safe to say that he is an Establishment RINO.

You can learn more and donate to Jeff Gunter here!

Watch below:

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