LIVE UPDATES FROM INSIDE TRUMP TRIAL: TGP Contributor Paul Ingrassia Reports from Inside New York Court Room

President Donald Trump is back in court today for Alvin Bragg’s show trial in New York City.

Serial liar Michael Cohen is back on the stand today after his questionable testimony last week.

The prosecution has yet to define the alleged criminal act that President Trump committed.

The Gateway Pundit contributor Paul Ingrassia is attending the ongoing show trial today in New York City today.
Paul Ingrassia: BREAKING:@Lawrence seen in the press overflow section at the Trump trial. He has a mad scowl on his face — clearly all the years of his chronic TDS has worn him out badly! These people are letting their Trump hatred destroy them, and it shows! Sad!

Paul Ingrassia: BREAKING: President Trump enters Judge Merchan’s kangaroo courtroom. Making appearances at the courtroom with the President today are @AlanDersh@EricTrump@AlinaHabbaamong others.

Paul Ingrassia: BREAKING: Judge Merchan opens the day by disrespecting the President yet again. He referred to the Defendant as “Mr. Trump,” rather than “President Trump.” Show some respect for the 47th President, loser!

Paul Ingrassia: BREAKING: It seems like the trial will go at least another week, based on Judge Merchan’s introductory remarks. Says summations will not be scheduled until early next week, likely on Tuesday.

Paul Ingrassia: BREAKING: Judge Merchan is extremely limiting the scope of what the Defense expert witness can testify to. The defense is attempting to bring a former commissioner from the FEC, who happens to also be a lawyer, as their expert to the witness stand, presumably to ask and clarify for the jury, in part, why this case has not been preempted (or ‘barred’) by federal law, since this case is, after all, allegedly a federal election law violation. Judge Merchan is not allowing the Defense to clarify the meanings of technical legal jargon for the jury. He seems to not be allowing them to read statutes or ask statute-related questions, or ask about how the law has been previously interpreted by other courts. Merchan is attempting to restrict the direct examination to very general questions, and it’s obvious why: this case should not be in state court at all! If the law was being fairly applied, this case would not have gotten off the ground in the first place!

Paul Ingrassia: Emil Bove (Trump defense attorney): The charge here is only unlawful if there’s unlawful activity, so otherwise it’s just an agreement to try to win an election.

Merchan: You’ve known for months what my position would be. You ask for further legal guidance, but that’s why we had a pre-charge conference. It would be inappropriate to tell you right now what my charge is going to be without hearing both sides of the argument.

Emil Bove: The government has not even established that there was an intent to defraud and intent to conceal a crime. It would only be a crime, under New York law, unless there was an intent to commit a crime.

Paul Ingrassia: Bragg attorney: The defense is not entitled to have an expert (a lawyer, law professor, and former commissioner at the FEC) to opine on federal election law! Because his testimony would be based on interpretation, it would be inappropriate!

Paul Ingrassia: BREAKING: Liar, perjurer, and fraudster — Michael Cohen — takes the witness stand for a fourth day now.

Paul Ingrassia: Blanche: Since last Thursday, how many reporters have you spoken to?

Cohen: I didn’t speak to reporters.

Blanche: You didn’t speak to reporters?

Cohen: I spoke to reporters to say ‘hello’ and ‘how you’re doing?’ but nothing about this case.

Blanche: How many times have you spoken to reporters just this year?

Cohen: More than a dozen.

Blanche: More than a dozen? Like, more than 12, like 20 times?

Cohen: Probably, yes. Blanche: I’m not looking for an exact number, but was it closer to 20 or closer to 12?

Cohen: Closer to 20.

Blanche: And you met with these reporters, sometimes, longer than an hour?

Cohen: Yes, sir.

Blanche: When you spoke to them, they asked you questions similar to questions on the stand, right?

Cohen: The same topics, yes.

Blanche: When the prosecutors asked you questions Monday and Tuesday, you had heard them beforehand from the press, correct?

Cohen: I heard many questions that I had not heard before.

Paul Ingrassia: Blanche: Any time you’ve testified under oath, you’ve prepped for it?

Cohen: Yes, sir.

Blanche: You met with your lawyer, maybe not 20 times, but you’ve prepped with your lawyers before testifying, right?

Cohen: That’s correct.

Blanche: You’ve met with Rep. Dan Goldman to prepare for congressional testimony?

Cohen: Yes, sir. Blanche: How many times have you met with him?

Cohen: I believe twice.

Blanche: You realize he’s a former federal prosecutor?

Cohen: Yes, sir.

Blanche: During the testimony you gave in February of 2019, that’s one of the times you’ve lied, right?

Cohen: That’s correct.

Paul Ingrassia: Blanche: You did steal from the Trump organization, correct?

Cohen: Yes, sir.

What a scumbag!

Paul Ingrassia: Blanche: You told everybody you were the personal attorney of Donald J. Trump?

Cohen: I didn’t tell everybody but I was certainly proud of it.

Blanche: You told TMZ?

Cohen: Correct.

Blanche: You told The NY Times?

Cohen: Correct.

Blanche: You went on Sean Hannity’s show to talk about it?

Cohen: Yes, sir.

Paul Ingrassia: Blanche: You got paid $4 million for your consulting work in 2017?

Cohen: Yes.

Blanche: What did you do?

Cohen: I did consulting and advisory work for AT&T.

Blanche: Did you tell President Trump about the consulting work you did?

Cohen: He introduced me to the CEO of AT&T.

Blanche: But you didn’t disclose to him that you had independent agreements with AT&T to do consulting work?

Cohen: That’s correct.

Blanche: And once President Trump he was frustrated, correct?

Bragg prosecutor: Objection! Merchan: Objection sustained.

Paul Ingrassia: Blanche: How much is the most you’ve made over an 18 month period in your life?

Cohen: Over $5 million.

Blanche: Between the time you pled guilty and the time you published your book, you said you didn’t have an income, correct?

Cohen: Correct. Blanche: You had to pay tax deficiencies?

Cohen: Correct.

Blanche: Lawyers?

Cohen: Correct.

Blanche: So since you’ve released your podcast (Mea Culpa, in which he rants about Trump all day) and sold your book (an anti-Trump screed), how much have you made?

Cohen: In total, about $4 million.

Blanche: You earn over a million a year?

Cohen: Correct.

Blanche: You’re also pitching a television show based on your life?

Cohen: I’m not pitching it but there is a tv show.

Blanche: Who is pitching it?

Cohen: A gentleman who used to be associated with the Mea Culpa podcast, Phil Halberstat.

Blanche: But it was at your direction, right?

Cohen: Correct.

Blanche: So once the show gets picked up, it’ll make you money, correct?

Cohen: Correct.

Paul Ingrassia: Blanche: How long have you been working with your colleague to pitch your proposed reality show “The Fixer”?

Cohen: About three months.

Blanche: And you’re working on a third book?

Cohen: Correct.

Blanche: Are you also considering a run for Congress?

Cohen: Correct.

Blanche: You have said that you would make a great candidate for Congress because of your name recognition?

Cohen: That’s correct.

Blanche: And your name recognition is based primarily on your attacks on President Trump.

Cohen: My name recognition is based on my life journey.

Blanche: And a large part of your life journey includes daily attacks on President Trump, correct?

Cohen: Sure.

Blanche: The answer is yes or no. You have dedicated a significant part of your podcasts and books to attacking President Trump daily, correct?

Cohen: Correct.

Blanche: So that would comprise a large part of your life journey, correct? Cohen: Correct.

Paul Ingrassia: Blanche: Do you have a financial interest in the outcome of this case?

Cohen: Yes, sir.

Paul Ingrassia: Blanche: Did you mean it when you said revenge is a dish best served cold?

Cohen: Yes, sir.

Blanche: You were willing to lie under oath if it affects your personal life, correct?

Cohen: I don’t understand your question.

Blanche: You testified under oath months ago that you were willing to lie if it affects your personal life, correct?

Cohen: Yes, sir.

Blanche: So I’m asking the same question to you now: would you still be willing to lie if it affects your personal life?

Bragg prosecutor: Objection!

Merchan: Objection sustained.

Blanche: Would you be willing to lie if it affects you personally?

Cohen: Yes, sir.

Paul Ingrassia: President Trump posted on Truth Social on Friday that many people are thinking that Bragg’s office wanted to possibly drop all the charges, in light of Michael Cohen’s testimony, which court observers have described as “catastrophic” for the prosecution. Further proof of how bad this case has been is found in the fact that Anderson Cooper, Kaitlan Collins, and many other liberal commentators immediately took to CNN, MSDNC, and other networks, admitting they would acquit President Trump if they were jurors in this case! Cohen’s testimony has been so damning that even the fake news can’t deny reality!

Paul Ingrassia: BREAKING: Defense now calls Daniel Sitko, paralegal and legal analyst for Blanche Law, PLLC, to the witness stand.

Paul Ingrassia: I observed this miserable wretch in the press overhead room today. He had a mad scowl on his face all morning long, didn’t talk to anyone, including other members of the fake news media. You can tell nobody likes or respects this guy, including his own peers. He truly is a sick puppy — consumed by hatred and mentally unsound. TDS is an all-consuming mental illness that affects mind, body, and soul, and this guy has maybe the worst case of it on television! Sad!

Paul Ingrassia: BREAKING: Defense calls ROBERT COSTELLO, former legal adviser to none other than Michael Cohen himself, to the witness stand!

Paul Ingrassia: BREAKING: There has been an extended back and forth between the Defense, Judge Merchan, and the Prosecution over Robert Costello’s impending testimony, resulting in delays. The Prosecution is trying to filibuster Costello from taking the stand, arguing that his testimony would be collateral and thus inadmissible under the rules of evidence. Bragg’s attorneys know that Costello will drive the nail in the coffin of their case, which is now on life support after Michael Cohen’s dumpster fire of a testimony this morning in which he admitted to lying to protect his personal interests, financially profiting off Trump and the trial, and stealing from the Trump Organization, among other damning revelations. Stay tuned!

Paul Ingrassia: Blanche: Did you consider your conversation with Michael Cohen during your first meeting with him at the Regency Hotel to be protected by the attorney client privilege?

Prosecutor: Objection!

Merchan: Sustained!

Costello: Cohen was absolutely manic, pacing back and forth, left and right. After he explained what was going on, he said my life was shattered, my family’s life was shattered. He used the phrase, “What is my escape route?”

Blanche: It was cooperation he was looking for?

Costello: Absolutely! Prosecutor has objected at least a half a dozen times throughout this exchange already.

Paul Ingrassia: Costello: I explained to Michael Cohen that the investigation would be resolved within a week if he had truthful information about Donald J. Trump.

Blanche: What information did he disclose?

Costello: Cohen said, “I swear to God, I have absolutely nothing to say about Donald John Trump.”

Blanche: What did he have to say about Stormy Daniels?

Costello: He said, “I don’t know why they’re trying to put me in jail over some f***cking NDAs.”

Blanche: Did he say anything about Donald Trump in connection with Stormy Daniels manner?

Costello: He did.

Prosecutor: Objection! Merchan: Sustained.

Blanche: Did President Trump’s family come up?

Costello: It did.

Blanche: What did Cohen say about Trump’s family?

Prosecutor: Objection!

Merchan: Sustained!

Paul Ingrassia: Blanche: I want to focus narrowly on about whether Cohen knew if Trump said anything about the payments to Stormy Daniels. Costello: Cohen repeated numerous times that President Trump knew nothing about these payments and that Cohen DID THIS ON HIS OWN.

Paul Ingrassia: Merchan grows irate, begins ESCORIATING Robert Costello on the stand for making a few off-handed remarks and rolling his eyes during the testimony.

Merchan: Are you staring me down right now?

Costello: I’m not.


Paul Ingrassia: BREAKING: Trial now resumes after delay following fiery exchange between Merchan and Costello about courtroom conduct.

Merchan is absolutely seething over Costello’s damning testimony. The type of treatment Costello, an experienced prosecutor who once worked for the US Attorney’s Office for New York in the 1970s and early 1980s, is receiving on the witness stand from the judge is disgusting.

Merchan is visibly perturbed, condescending, and downright abusive of the witness on the stand. Outrageous behavior from a judge, and totally inappropriate for any courtroom! No decorum whatsoever!

Paul Ingrassia: Blanche:Did you ever put any pressure on Cohen?

Costello: No.

Blanche: Did you ever put any pressure on Rudy Giuliani.

Costello: No.

Blanche: Whose interests did you care about when you worked with Michael Cohen?

Costello: Exclusively Michael Cohen. Nobody else. He was my only client.

Blanche: Did Cohen pay you?

Costello: No.

Blanche: Did your firm at the time try to collect payment?

Costello: No, and they didn’t sue.

Blanche: Why?

Costello: It wasn’t enough.

Paul Ingrassia: Bragg Prosecutor: Did you say Michael Cohen was acting like a drama queen? Yes or No?

Costello: I said I didn’t know if Michael Cohen was acting like a drama queen.

Merchan, again, chastises Costello from the stand: WOULD YOU JUST ANSWER YES OR NO?

Bragg Prosecutor: You don’t like drama queens, don’t you?

Paul Ingrassia: BREAKING: Merchan, visibly exasperated, hastily ends the day’s proceedings. Implores jurors to not research the case, through media, email, telephone, texts, or the internet. Reminds them they should not Google or discuss the case outside the courtroom.

Abruptly says “have a good night,” then cuts out the video. On hot mic, urges Costello to step down from the witness stand.

Merchan is obviously disgusted by Costello, whose testimony has thrown a huge wrench into Bragg’s case, unlike anything we have seen thus far this entire show trial. Fireworks!

Paul Ingrassia: Blanche: The prosecutor has been trying to push a theory of the defense stealing the election, but there is no evidence of underlying criminal intent to anything prosecution is claiming: that is a matter of law, and the predicates used by the prosecution to support their criminal conspiracy theory should not be allowed.

There is absolutely no evidence that Trump or any of the co-conspirators had any criminal intent at the time they were engaging in this conduct. There was no discussion about catch and kill, financial payments that would be made with respect to any stories. So there is no evidence of criminal intent or criminal misconduct supporting a conspiracy formed at this first meeting that carried out over the next year-plus.

Karen McDougall didn’t even want her story out. She wanted an arrangement with AMI to be on the covers of magazines, have a column, etc. Not catch and kill a story. So while that was the word used by Mr. Cohen, it was not the evidence that came out at trial.

So if there is a conspiracy to influence the election, how on earth is a false story – and a decision made to pay off the false story – a catch and kill? It’s not, and it’s certainly not a criminal catch and kill.

The underlying predicate that would make this misdemeanor a felony, as argued by the Prosecution, has no evidence to support a criminal conspiracy. For that reason, the court should enter a verdict in favor of the defendant.

There is no way this court should allow this case to go to the jury relying on Mr. Cohen’s testimony. And the People’s case, I don’t think would dispute, rests entirely on the credibility of Mr. Cohen’s testimony.

Mr. Cohen lied to this court repeatedly about, for example, his testimony before Congress, about having never asked them for a pardon.

Merchan: Would you like me to take it out of the jury’s hands that Mr. Cohen’s entire testimony should not be considered by the jury?

Blanche: That’s exactly what I want you to do. That Mr. Cohen’s entire testimony should not be allowed.

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