Joe Biden Tries to Troll Trump After Announcing New Tariffs on China – But Fails Miserably (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Tuesday announced new tariffs on $18 billion worth of Chinese exports, including electric vehicles, chips, batteries and other goods.

“Today, I’m announcing new tariffs in key sectors of the economy that’ll ensure that our workers are not held back,” Biden said.


A reporter asked Biden about Trump’s remarks on his decision to finally impose tariffs on China.

“Trump said today China is eating our lunch. What do you say in response?” a reporter shouted at Biden.

The reporter referred to Trump’s remarks Tuesday morning outside of the New York courthouse.

“I said where have you been for 3.5 years? They should have done it a long time ago. China is eating our lunch right now,” Trump said slamming Joe Biden.


Biden tried to troll Trump but he failed miserably.

“He’s been feeding them a long time,” Biden shouted.


Recall that in 2019 Joe Biden slammed Trump’s tariffs and promised to reverse them.

All of a sudden Biden is on board with tariffs on China…since it is an election year.

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