WHAT A DISGRACE: Pro-Hamas Protesters Shut Down Road to Seattle Airport, Forcing Travelers to Leave their Cars and Walk to the Terminals (VIDEO)

Credit: Libs of Tiktok

Pro-Hamas protesters have blocked the road to arrivals and departures at Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA), forcing passengers to leave their cars and walk on foot to the airport.

As KOMO News reported, several vehicles operated by protesters are blocking the road along with multiple people standing in the road.

The airport’s X account urges passengers to use alternate routes or public transit to reach their terminals.

Some passengers walked past the illegal protest, rolling their bags down the road after vacating their cars to catch their flights.

Some of the protesters can be seen holding a banner that reads, “Our taxes are funding genocide.”


KOMO News reveals police and several tow trucks arrived shortly after the protest began. The tow trucks reportedly have started removing the vehicles blocking the road.

There is no word yet regarding whether any protesters have been apprehended. Because this protest is occurring in Seattle, arrests will likely not happen for several hours, if ever.

The protest is part of a globally coordinated protest as KOMO News notes. The agitators want the United States to force Israel to surrender to Hamas in the conflict and cut off funding to the Jewish State.

Earlier today, pro-Hamas agitators blocked off a road entering Chicago O’Hare Airport. At the same time, police did nothing, forcing some travelers to ditch their cars and walk to the airport. They also completely shut down the Golden Gate Bridge as police arrive to confront them in riot gear.

Agitators also shut down the Brooklyn Bridge and tried to occupy a road in Miami before cops took care of business.


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