Thanks to Joe Biden, Mexican Drug Cartels Are Targeting Native Americans

Marvin Weatherwax, Jr., a leader of the Blackfeet reservation, speaks with NBC.

Joe Biden’s reckless approach to the border crisis is damaging communities across the nation.

In sanctuary cities like New York and Chicago, communities are grappling with increased crime as illegals pour over the border.

Now, federal officials are reporting that Mexican drug cartels are targeting six Native American reservations in Montana for the sale of deadly fentanyl.

According to officials, the cartels can make bigger profits farther away from the Southern border, and the reservations have less law enforcement.

Marvin Weatherwax, Jr., a leader of the Blackfeet reservation, shared the concerns facing his community in an interview with NBC.

“It’s as if fentanyl is raining on our reservation.”

Federal law enforcement officials told NBC News the Sinaloa cartel, one of the most dangerous drug cartels, is targeting the Blackfeet and the state’s six other reservations with a heavy flow of drugs, including fentanyl.


South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem spoke out recently about how cartels are infiltrating reservations in her state and the devastating impact of drug and human trafficking on Native Americans.


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