Beautiful Melania Joins President Trump at Mar-a-Lago Satruday Night (Video)

Image: @ImMeme0/X

Beautiful First Lady Melania Trump has been away from the campaign trail in recent months as she faced the illness and death of her beloved mother.

In January, Mrs. Trump delivered a beautiful eulogy for her mother, Amilija, Knavs sharing, “Our bond was unbreakable, a testament to the power of a true love for one another. She was my dear friend, an irreplaceable treasure, a gift bestowed upon me by the universe. And for that, I’m entirely grateful.”

On Saturday, she joined President Trump at Mar-a-Lago for a “Mega MAGA” gala.

The event was created by the Trumpettes, a fan club co-founded by Mar-a-Lago member Toni Holt Kramer.

Holt Kramer told The Palm Beach Post that the theme for the event is a “golden evening” but the message will be “mega MAGA.”

“It’s mega MAGA,” Holt Kramer said. “There is nothing more important than President Trump right now. People want to be there to support the president. We have an enormous amount of people flying in from almost every state. I think people are looking forward to getting together and celebrating with people of the same mindset as them.”

Melania joined the President looking radiant.



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