White House Entrance Still Smeared With ‘Blood’ Red Paint Two Days After Pro-Hamas Riot

Two days after a mob of pro-Hamas rioters tried to storm the White House, the blood-red paint they smeared on the entrance gates to accuse Biden of “genocide” for supporting Israel’s defensive attack on Hamas-controlled Gaza is still there, according to photos and videos posted by reporters Monday morning. Statues in Lafayette Square directly across from the White House are also still covered in pro-Hamas graffiti. The damage is similar to what the BLM rioters did when they tried to storm the White House in late May, early June 2020 after the death of George Floyd while he was being detained by police.

Screen images via Griff Jenkins, X Twitter, November 6, 2023.

ABC News reporter Mary Bruce posted photos of the entrances, calling the genocidal, anti-Semitic riot “passionate protests”, “The White House gates this morning after passionate protests over the weekend.”

No effort has been made as of Monday morning to remove or at least cover the desecration of the White House. Is the Biden administration sending a signal of sympathy to Hamas supporters in the Democratic Party (and around the world)? Radical leftist Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland has authority over the maintenance and protection of the White House grounds and Lafayette Park.

UPDATE: Newsmax reporter James Rosen reports work has started to clean the entrance:

On Sunday, video was posted by Armstrong Williams of an outraged American citizen in Lafayette Square showing a Palestinian flag still hung on a statue in the park. The Biden administration allowed the Palestinian flag to desecrate the statue overnight Saturday and well into Sunday.


Photos from the riot aftermath on Sunday by freelancer Andrew Leyden:

Photos and videos from the White House Monday morning:

Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins:

Bloomberg reporter Annmarie Horden:

Fox Business reporter Edward Lawrence shows pro-Hamas stickers also remain:

Benny Johnson:




Video from Saturday’s riot at the White House shows pro-Hamas demonstrators trying to force open the Northwest White House gate where the press and VIPs enter:


New York Post reporter Steven Nelson covered the riot:

Journalist and activist Asra Nomani reported on the true nature of the riot:

“Be really clear this is NOT a spontaneous protest — this is an organized campaign of the hundreds of organizations in the Woke Army. They include: @AMPalestine @CAIRNational @codepink @MPower_Change @Dreamdefenders @DemSocialists @pslnational @omarsuleiman504 @NihadAwad @NationalSJP, or Students for Justice in Palestine, which hosts pro- Hamas rallies from @columbia to @harvard and @tulane — 100s with combined budgets of at least $500 million in annual revenues, based on my calculations. They came with expensive banners and megaphones, sound systems and at least five giant TV screens for the crowd to watch the rally. I’ve been reporting in DC since I was 18 — it’s been 40 years. I’ve never seen a protest at the White House allowed to fly flags over the White House lawn or allowed to throw water bottle projectiles over the fence..”

“…They went with red paint to ruin the pillars to the White House security gate to symbolize “blood” on the hands of Biden, signs and water bottles they trashed on the White House lawns, stickers they put on the metal fence “F*ck Fascists Nazi Netanyahu + Genocide Joe”— all for taxpayers to clean up.”

“Translating Anti-Jew, Anti-Israel Agit Prop…1. La Ilaha Illallah — “There is is one Allah.”…2. Wa Shahid Habib Allah — “And the Martyr is Beloved by God.”…3. Takbir…Allahu Akbar…4. Min il-maya lal maya, Falasteen ARABIYE — “From the river to the sea, Palestine is Arab.”

The Biden administration allowed this communist backed, pro-Hamas riot at the White House. There was no police presence between the rioters and the fence as during the George Floyd riots on 2020. A Palestinian flag was allowed to fly high over Lafayette Square and the White House entrance is still smeared with blood red paint as of Monday morning.

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