Violent Hamas Supporters Target Grand Central Station In New York, Attempt To Breach Doors – Police Officers Shelter Inside (VIDEO)

Violent pro-Palestinian supporters protested outside Grand Central Station in New York on Friday night, The violent mob attempted to kick down doors to get in. On the other side of the doors were police officers taking shelter from this violent mob.

This is the result of leftist ideology pushed on the masses. We need order in the United States and until the Federal Government and State leaders step up and do something, this will keep happening.


Years of leftist defunding of police departments has left many of them too insecure to use force to defend themselves.

This kind of activity is not a protest and not protected by the First Amendment.  Our cities have become a haven today for anti-Semitism and for terrorist sympathizers to run wild.

Once again, the Biden regime has failed to protect our nation. This is all part of their plan to destroy America.

This kind of criminal activity will stop when people like this are put in jail and when the US deports those who are here illegally.

This is not the first time New York has been taken over by this kind of terrorist sympathizers. Last month The Gateway Pundit reported that Hamas terrorist sympathizers took over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Earlier this month, The Gateway Pundit reported on the Palestinian “protests” in Washington DC.

Tens of thousands of pro-Hamas/Palestinian demonstrators marched in downtown DC earlier this month demanding a ‘cease fire.’


Welcome to the next generation of terrorism in the United States brought to you by the Biden regime.


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