South Africa: White-Owned Farms No Longer Allowed to Export to EU, UK

South African Boers (Farmers) made the highveld arable two hundred years ago and are among the world’s best farmers / Screenshot “Die Land”

The Marxist South African government has found a new way to rob white farmers of their land: Now farms that are considered “too white” will no longer be allowed to export to Great Britain or the European Union, according to the South African government. This means famous South African vineyards and other agricultural exporters will need at least 50% black ownership, a corrupt scheme which has made ANC leaders like Ex-President Jacob Zuma and President Cyril Ramaphosa multi-millionaires.

As Bloomberg reports, new regulations published in the state gazette by the anti-white South African government require farmers to adhere to “black economic empowerment” laws in order to obtain a permit to export agricultural products to Europe and the UK.

Examples of products affected by these new anti-white laws include: milk, cream, butter, fruit, nuts, sugar, jams, fruit purée, fruit juices, yeast, table grapes and wine.

South African agricultural exports were valued at R240 billion Rand (nearly $13 billion) last year. 20% of these exports went to the EU.

Only agricultural businesses with a yearly turnover of less than R10 million ($530 000) are excluded – the majority of agricultural exporters produce value on a scale much larger than this.

So-called “black economic empowerment” laws have vastly enriched the ANC ruling class while doing virtually nothing to reduce the massive poverty and unemployment among black South Africans.

SPINE CHILLING: “The Land Belongs to You” / The Boer Hymn by Steve Hofmeyr, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Bok van Blerk, Jay and Ruhan du Toit.


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