RAV’s Ben Bergquam in Tucson: “Don’t Fly Out Of Tucson”- Calls Out American Airlines For Allowing Massive Number Of Illegals to Fly With Them (VIDEO)

Real America’s Voice reporter Ben Bergquam was back at the Tucson airport on Tuesday. As he was preparing to fly to Miami for a Trump rally, he was showing just how bad the illegal alien situation at the airport is because of Joe Biden.

He said that the Tucson airport is packed because of the number of illegals flying out to their destination cities. The line behind him is for illegals to go through security. He encouraged people not to fly out of Tucson.

Ben had mentioned that he has been flying with American Airlines for a long time but was disappointed that they were allowing a massive number of illegals to fly on their planes.

Ben: “Paying full price, while they use our tax dollars to invade our country.” “TSA takes twice as long because we have a special line specifically for illegals coming through.”

He continued, “And if you voted for Biden, one of the real votes, not the fraudulent ones, you did this.” “If you live in Tucson and you still support the Democrats, you’re an idiot.”


Ben is one of the few people getting the message out to the American public. Mainstream media outlets are largely ignoring one of the most serious issues in the United States. This is the reality we are living in right now.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported Bergquam’s previous journey through the Tucson Airport.

Ben Bergquam landed in Tucson to continue his work exposing how bad the illegal immigrant crisis is.

“Just landed in Tucson. This whole waiting room right here all the way on all sides, illegals had just come through nonstop guys, nonstop. Joe Biden, Mayorkas, this whole waiting room right here, illegals heading to Dallas and then to every part of the country. Way to go open borders Democrats,” Bergquam said.



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