Hamas War Crimes: Kids Took Part in Oct. 7 Massacre, Weapons Found Hidden in Child’s Bedroom

The Washington Free Beacon released this screenshot of kids taking part in the Oct. 7 Hamas Massacre


The Gateway Pundit previously reported that kids as young as 10 took part in the vile Hamas massacre of Oct. 7, citing a report from the Washington Free Beacon. A recent report indicates that the Israeli Army found rockets under a mattress in a child’s bedroom. Two terrorists were overheard describing how to transport weapons in baby strollers.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Arab children as young as 10 participated in the Oct. 10 terror attack: “Eran Smilansky, a 28-year-old potato farmer, watched Gazan children go from house to house in his kibbutz on Oct. 7. Hamas terrorists followed. The boys laughed as the gunmen shot or dragged away Israeli families.”

“They were like young, young kids,” Smilansky told Washington Free Beacon , who defended his home from terrorists for more than six hours that day. “They were going in front of the terrorists, laughing with their friends and looking very calm. I remember thinking, What the fuck?”

Security Footage from Kibbutz Nir Oz depicting kids and teenagers on bicycles:

Now, new reports suggest that the Israeli Army found rockets hidden under a mattress in a child’s bedroom in the Gaza Strip, JNS reports: A video released by the military shows soldiers lifting the bed, revealing several rockets stashed away in a compartment under the mattress. The bedroom’s door features a sign that read: “Baby girl.”

Upon searching the rest of the house, troops from the IDF’s 551st Reserve Paratroopers Brigade also found rifles, ammunition, explosives and communications equipment, JNS writes.

The IDF Military Intelligence Directorate also released a recording of two Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists describing how weapons are transferred inside baby strollers. “So that he can move with it [the weaponry], he needs to bring a stroller, a baby stroller so that he can move,” one terrorist tells the other.

IDF Southern Command CO Maj. Gen. Yaron Finkelman visited Shifa Hospital in Gaza Thursday and accused Hamas of cynically using the hospitals in Gaza to hide behind civilians, Israel National News – Arutz Sheva reported.

Speaking from above the tunnel shaft located in the Shifa Hospital, Finkelman said, “We see the presence of Hamas in all the hospitals, it is a definite, clear presence. They are cynically using these hospitals, as we can see here in the heart of Shifa.”

“They are hiding under the hospitals with weapons, with command centers, with capabilities, and this tunnel is further proof of that,” he added.

IDF troops of the Shaldag Unit, the 7th Brigade, and additional special units continue targeted activity in the al-Shifa Hospital. A booby-trapped vehicle that was prepared for the October 7th massacre was discovered, containing a large amount of weapons and ammunition. Troops of the Yahalom Unit and 401st Brigade unearthed a terror tunnel in Rantisi Hospital.

The body of Yehudit Weiss, a 65-year-old woman who was kidnapped from Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7, was found near al-Shifah Hospital. “Yehudit was murdered in the Gaza Strip. Unfortunately, we did not reach her in time,” IDF Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said.

“Unit 636 of the Border Protection Corps, which is currently operating in the Beit Hanoun region of Gaza, identified a lookout post built by Hamas. They fired on it, eliminating the terrorists”, Arutz Sheva reported. “Using drones, the soldiers also spotted three terrorists armed with Kalashnikovs and RPGs. They opened fire on the terrorists and directed an airstrike to eliminate them.”

The commander of the unit commented: “Since the beginning of the ground offensive into Gaza, we have produced the most significant and decisive intelligence on the enemy right from the front lines.”

“This has brought us to multiple locations where terrorists, infrastructure, or munitions used by Hamas or other terrorist organizations were hidden throughout Gaza.”

Douglas Murray embedded wth IDF in Gaza:

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