Glamour Magazine Names Transgender Model as One of 2023’s ‘Women of the Year’

Glamour Magazine has named a transgender biological male model as one of 2023’s “Women of the Year.”

The fashion magazine named six women and Philippines model Geena Rocero, a biological man, as their picks for “Women of the Year,” which they announced on November 1.

Rocero, in addition to modeling, is also a transgender rights activist, author, and film producer.

Glamour’s article on Rocero says, “San Francisco, at the turn of the millennium, offered Rocero unimaginable access to her transition goals. Her mother was her coconspirator throughout the process, from helping her choose her new name to being at her side during a gender affirmation surgery. But with the promise of a different life, she grew increasingly eager to live without having to wear her identity on her sleeve. She’d been out in the Philippines. Not so much anymore.”

“Now, more than a decade later, Rocero is a beloved media figure and social justice heroine. She has accrued numerous accolades, including becoming the first trans woman ambassador for Miss Universe Nepal and the first trans Asian Pacific Islander woman to be named a Playboy Playmate of the Year. She’s also advocated for trans rights at the White House, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum, and in her native Philippines.”

The article continued, “These days Rocero is focused on Gender Proud, a media production company that elevates stories about trans and gender-nonconforming people. She founded it in 2014, right around the time of that game-changing TED appearance, and has a slate of top-secret projects on the horizon. Rocero yearns to produce work that encourages young trans people amid the current waves of restrictive legislation in the States and the Philippines, which still lacks legal recognition for trans people.”

In June, Glamour UK unveiled its June Pride digital issue, featuring a pregnant transgender man on the cover.

As Gateway Pundit previously reported, “The star on the cover, author Logan Brown, a biological female ‘born in the wrong body,’ describes how she became pregnant with her partner Baily J Mills and her pregnancy journey as a ‘transgender man,’ in the Pride edition of the fashion magazine. Her partner, Bailey J. Mills, is a biological male and ‘legendary non-binary drag performer’ in the UK.”


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