Failed Speaker Kevin McCarthy Is Angry He Got Fired For Not Doing His Job

Republicans have truly been going through it since Obama was elected President. Things certainly seemed to be turning in their favor when Trump was elected in 2016, and that was up until the 2020 election, which had some very shady things going on with ballot counting. Even a 12-year-old could conclude that mistakes will be made when you’re counting millions of votes, but of course, not many on the left are mature enough to admit that.

As well as issues surrounding election integrity and tensions between opposing fanbases of GOP candidates, the Republicans are dealing with having to replace their speaker of the house, a move initiated by Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Like most failed republican politicians, Kevin McCarthy recently did an interview with CNN. He cried about how it’s not fair he got fired for not doing what he promised to do while taking everyone’s money. You don’t have to be a conservative to see why the people decided to remove this man.

CNN reported:

In an exclusive interview with CNN, McCarthy made clear he misses being “at the table” even as he promised to help the new speaker; went further in his embrace of former President Donald Trump heading into 2024; and questioned whether the “crazy eight” Republicans who voted to strip him of the gavel are even conservatives at all.

The California Republican reserved his harshest attacks for Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, who led the charge for McCarthy’s ouster. McCarthy continually accused Gaetz of only going after him because of a House Ethics Committee probe he’s facing, a charge the GOP hardliner has repeatedly denied.

In his interview, McCarthy went on to blast Rep. Matt Gaetz as a fake conservative and losing all sight of self-awareness that it was the people who removed him, and Gaetz simply did what the people told him to do. Which is what I thought was the point of being the speaker?

“I don’t believe them to be conservatives,” McCarthy said of the eight Republicans. “It’s driven by Gaetz, and it was all based upon an ethics complaint that happened in the last Congress. He would throw his country away to try to protect himself for what would come out as the truth.”

McCarthy suggested that Gaetz had called for the vote for McCarthy’s removal – and later backed Mike Johnson’s ascension as speaker – simply to quash the ethics probe.

“If the Ethics Committee never does anything to Gaetz, then Gaetz was successful in stopping probably what rightfully should come to him,” McCarthy said.

I don’t know, but I feel like if you have to go through 15 rounds of votes just to become the speaker of the house and then are elected, you should do what the majority are requesting of you in your comment sections on X/Twitter and wherever else the people contact you. That obviously did not happen, and the people decided it was time for McCarthy to go. I am not sure McCarthy will find the sympathy he is looking for on the left.  Especially after attacking their queen, Nancy Pelosi, as a traitor who stabbed him in the back in the same interview

“Before I was elected, I was still having problems with getting the votes, which she did as well. And I told her the issue was bringing back this motion to vacate. And the first thing she said: ‘Just give it to them. Just give it to them. We’d never allow that. It’s not good for the House,’” McCarthy said of Pelosi. “Look, at the end of the day, the Democrats decided to make a political decision.”

At the very least, politicians like McCarthy know where his bread is buttered despite the ongoing in-house tensions. He ended the interview by stating he supports the former President but has not endorsed him yet.  Whatever that means.

In the interview, McCarthy predicted that the former president will be the party’s nominee next year and said that he will support him.

“I haven’t endorsed, but I support President Trump,” he said.

McCarthy has repeatedly defended the former president despite countless controversies and told CNN he is unconcerned about Trump’s criminal charges heading into 2024.

It looks like just another day in the world of politicians being politicians, but the new speaker, Rep. Mike Johnson, might want to take some notes, or he might end up on CNN giving an exclusive interview about how he lost his job in the future.

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