Political Prisoner Podcast Exclusive: Routine Operations Commander of Capitol Police Claims January 6 was a Complete Set Up

When you serve 22 years on the Capitol Police force, you learn a few things about the Capitol grounds, and that’s exactly why veteran Lieutenant Officer Tarik Johnson knew something was wrong on January 6th.  In this episode of the Political Prisoner Podcast, Jake Lang interviews Capitol Police whistleblower Johnson.

Officer Tarik is famously known for wearing a red ‘MAGA’ hat on January 6th, but most have no idea that Tarik was also the ‘Routine Operations Commander’ at the Capitol.  In this episode Tarik explosively claims that his command was doomed to failure by a purposely understaffed and unprotected Capitol – that Assistant Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pitman PURPOSELY withheld intelligence information from him and others, so that the Capitol would be overtly vulnerable. This begs the question that Ivan Raiklin asked in the last Political Prisoner Podcast episode – did Yoganada Pitman receive instructions to HIDE these intelligence briefings about the size and veracity of the Stop the Steal protests from her fellow commanders?

Were there communications directly from Pelosi, Schumer or other Democrat leaders to Yogananda Pitman orchestrating this act of obfuscation & malfeasance?! These are questions the January 6 Select Committee would have been asking if it was truly a fact finding committee, not a propaganda task force.

Tarik continues to share the actual events of January 6 and gives another mind blowing revelation – it was Tarik’s call on January 6 to evacuate both Chambers of Congress, and  in fact he made the call to evacuate Congress at approximately 2:20pm, but none other than Yoganada Pitman delayed to acknowledge his order until 8 minutes later. He says this dereliction of duty is actually one of the main reason that Ashli Babbit was killed by Officer Michael Byrd, and that Pitman is culpable in her death.

Tarik boldly asserts that if his original order to clear out Congress was acknowledge by Pitman, who was in control, that Officer Byrd would have been in a completely different area helping escort Congress, and therefore the unarmed hero Ashli would not have been shot in cold blood.

These incredible truths are now painting a more clear picture of January 6 for the American people, one that tells a completely different story then the fabricated narrative that has been pumped by the Democrats and the mainstream media for 3 years.

We can clearly see that after January 6, Yoganada Pitman was elevated to the Chief position in the Capitol Police leaving a clear motive for the former head of the Intelligence Division to leapfrog over Chief Steven Sund in the fallout of January 6. We have a motive, credible witnesses, multiple pieces of evidence – isn’t this enough to officially put Pitman and those she conspired with on trial for January 6?! The idea that the January 6 patriots was entrapped by their own Government is no longer an idea – its a verified fact from multiple Capitol Police whistleblowers.

Lieutenant Officer Tarik Johnson: Well, where I was at, everybody was doing their own thing on that day. Some people, I wasn’t on the CDU team. I was actually supposed to be just inside the Capitol. I came out to assist when I heard what was going on. Jake, I don’t know if you’ve seen a lot of my interviews or spaces I’ve done. I know you saw some stuff. But one of the things that I tried to tell the audience, the J Six community, is that the police and the people who came to the Capitol to demonstrate, everybody, we were all set up that day. And what I’ve been trying to focus on and I know a lot of people are focusing on the violence. The officers are focusing on the violence that some of the demonstrators did, and the demonstrators are focusing on the violence that the officers did to them. And I’ve been trying to explain to people, I have forgiven everybody for what happened to me because I took some mace or some kind of gas and my job, because that day, had that day not occurred, my career would have still be ongoing. So I lost my career behind what occurred on that day, but I have forgiven, because now I know that people there were set up.

Everybody that came to the Capitol that day, you guys were all set up. 100%. The police officers were set up because we had no idea what was going to happen. Now, there was a report that was made from the intel section. It’s called 21 TD. 159. And it basically said what was going to happen. Yogananda Pittman had that document, and she would not pass it to the entities that needed it. So we could prepare. We were supposed to protect you guys from yourself. We should have had a greater show of force there, more officers, the National Guard, all that should have been there. And because now if all that was there and you came to the Capitol, at that point you would have said, you know what? I’m not even going to go through this. I’m just going to go back home. I’m going to stand outside the fence line. You guys would have been protected from yourselves because that’s what police officers, what laws are created to protect people from themselves. That’s what police officers are supposed to do. We are supposed to protect our citizens from themselves. That didn’t happen because I believe that somebody wanted this to happen.

That’s why the intel was withheld.

Jake Lang and the January 6 Legal Fund, J6Legal.org  are teaming up with Lt. Tarik Johnson to bring forward even more whistleblowers and planning a major media event in November to bring together the handful of Capitol Police whistleblowers who, like Tarik, were also viciously excommunicated by the Capitol Police IG when they came forward with questions about Pitman.

You can support this effort, which consist of brining all the Capitol Police whistleblowers to a a hotel conference room & doing an open testimony for multiple national media organizations. Please donate to J6Legal.org now to help make this groundbreaking event happen!

Also please head over to GiveSendGo to support Tarik and his efforts to expose the truth about January 6 since he lost his coveted career over 2 years ago and is now out of work.
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