Newsweek Sr. Editor William Arkin: “I’m Confident this is the Stated Play, MAGA Is Being Targeted in 2024” FBI Created Separate Extremist Category for MAGA (VIDEO)

As the 2024 election season heats up the FBI has created a new terrorism category to include Trump supporters.

This is taking place at the same time the Biden regime is targeting President Trump with over 91 indictments on bogus criminal acts in several states by Democrat operatives.

And it occurs as the demented President screams about MAGA during his public speeches.

This new focus by the FBI is clearly political targeting and unconstitutional.

On Friday morning William Arkin, the Senior Editor at Newsweek, went on The War Room to discuss his explosive report.

William Arkin: The truth of the matter is that the FBI and most importantly Washington has identified Trump and MAGA as the greatest threat of domestic terrorism in the United States. It’s just fact. That’s what’s happened.

I asked an FBI guy once who was going on saying to me the problem of fentanyl in America, the problem of gun violence in America. And I said to him, well if I look at statements by the White House and by Secretary Mayorkas at the Department of Homeland Security or Christopher Wray at the FBI, if I look at their statements they’re saying constantly fentanyl is the biggest threat to America. Or they’re saying constantly that gun violence is the biggest threat to America. Why are they focusing so much on domestic terrorism? And the answer that the FBI guy gave me was, well, fentanyl is a threat to America, gun violence is a threat to America. Domestic terrorism is a threat to Washington.

And that in a nutshell sort of explained to the landscape of domestic terrorism investigations and the work of the FBI today. It’s a threat to Washington. And whether the FBI should be involved in regulating or trying to regulate or even investigating free speech in America and political action and political activity in America is a real question.

…The biggest point that I wanted to bring across in the article was that this is just something that nobody wants to talk about, which is that the federal government sees violence in the 2024 election and sees extremism as they define it in the 2024 election and is going to focus on it as a priority over the coming year. And nobody is really questioning, including in Congress, whether or not this is what the FBI should be doing or whether or not this is indeed what the American people need.

In his Newsweek article Arkin reported that the FBI created a separate extremist category for Trump supporters.

But the FBI went further in October 2022 when it created a new subcategory—”AGAAVE-Other”—of those who were a threat but do not fit into its anarchist, militia or Sovereign Citizen groups. Introduced without any announcement, and reported here for the first time, the new classification is officially defined as “domestic violent extremists who cite anti-government or anti-authority motivations for violence or criminal activity not otherwise defined, such as individuals motivated by a desire to commit violence against those with a real or perceived association with a specific political party or faction of a specific political party.”

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