MI Sheriff Warns Residents in Wealthy, Majority Democrat-Voting County: “Organized Transnational Gangs” Are Breaking Into Exclusive Homes… Here’s What He Says They’re Stealing…

For decades, a majority of Oakland County, MI. residents have been voting for Democrats.

Up and down the streets of affluent neighborhoods, signs reading, “No person is illegal” and “In this house, we believe…”NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL,” can be found in front of several million-dollar homes. Nothing says “I’m a better person than my neighbor” than a virtue-signaling sign that celebrates illegal aliens in America—until, of course, the local sheriff warns that YOU are about to become their next victim—and no amount of virtue-signaling will stop them.

Unfortunately, liberal elites living in Oakland County, MI, who’ve proudly supported Democrats for decades, are about to see first-hand what happens when you elect Democrats with no regard for our national security.

On Friday, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard warned Oakland County, MI residents that he’s working with the FBI and Homeland Security to combat the serious threat of violent “transnational gangs” who are breaking into homes in exclusive areas and stealing millions of dollars in high-end items.

Bouchard has called on the Biden regime and Congress to secure our border. “They don’t recognize jurisdictions or borders of a country, a state or a county,” the Oakland Co. Sheriff warned.

The Detroit News reports – The sheriff detailed at a press conference what officials have learned about the burglaries that have ravaged Michigan’s second most populous county, resulting in what Bouchard described as the loss of “hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars” worth of merchandise. He did not detail how many arrests have been made or other details authorities have complied in connection with incidents but said “there are specific threads” officials are aware of.

“These are transnational gangs that are involved in this that come from South America, looking to do burglaries and violate our communities, not just in Oakland County but across America,” Bouchard said. “It’s criminality at its organized crime best in terms of that’s how it functions. They work together, and they’re here for a specific purpose.”

According to Bouchard, gang members have been cited from countries such as Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, and Venezuela.

Transnational gangs commit violent crimes against “citizens and facilitate criminal activity such as narcotics and firearms trafficking, sex trafficking, human smuggling, and trafficking and corruption,” according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The sheriff noted that the theft groups typically enter the country illegally through the southern border or by using the Visa Waiver Program, which the State Department’s website says allows most nationals from select countries to travel to the U.S. for tourism or business for stays of 90 days or less without obtaining a visa.

Once in the country, group members purchase fake identification, establish residency in the areas they intend to violate, and cancel their return date as required of the VWP program, Bouchard added.

He said their method of operation included targeting jewelry, precious metals, high-end watches, purses, electronics, currency, and safes that can easily be broken into “on scene,” adding that the money acquired from the stolen merchandise is transferred to families and locations outside the U.S.

“Border security for everybody is critically important,” Bouchard said. “… Secure the border first and foremost because America is getting crushed with fentanyl, human trafficking, terrorist activity .. and obviously, transnational gangs that are attacking communities right here in Oakland County.”

In the past, violent transnational gang activity has been reported primarily in New York, Texas, and California. With millions of illegal aliens crossing our border and being shipped to cities and communities across America, it shouldn’t be surprising that these South and Central American gangs are now organizing in middle America.

Freep reports- Bouchard said he strongly supported a letter sent this week, on behalf of the nation’s police chiefs and sheriffs, to lawmakers in Washington, D.C., and to the U.S. Department of State imploring leaders to close the border and require background checks of those claiming to be tourists.

The letter, dated Sept. 28, was sent by the Coalition of Police and Sheriffs of America, to which the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office belongs through affiliation with the Major County Sheriffs of America, of which Bouchard is the former president and current vice president for government affairs. Bouchard said the gangs from “south of the border” are growing increasingly active nationwide and pose a risk to residents of metro Detroit, especially those whose homes are on large lots isolated from neighbors’ sight and those that back up to golf courses or wooded areas.

“They typically establish a residence near locations they wish to target. They do a lot of surveillance, we believe before they commit a crime. Usually, it’s two or three people working together, with one of them stationed outside as a driver. … Around the country, in some situations, they’ve been caught in areas with no bail anymore, and they get out and then get arrested again. The prosecutor in one case I happen to know about, in Nassau County, New York, said they actually laughed at her as they walked out of court” to freedom, Bouchard said.

In Sept. 2022, US Congressman Troy Nehls warned Americans that the DHS had confirmed to him that Venezuela was emptying its prisons and sending its violent criminals to our borders…

According to Sheriff Bouchard, these transnational gangs, which include members from Venezuela, could very well be some of the hardened criminals released from prisons in Venezuela that have moved into neighborhoods across America and are terrorizing its citizens.

In 2020, while walking with canvassers in a wealthy Oakland County neighborhood, I witnessed homeowners identified as “reliable Republican voters” answering their front doors and hiding behind them to talk to the door knockers. The Republican voters, cowering behind their doors, admitted they feared their neighbors’ reactions if they saw them talking to Trump supporters on their front porch. In other words, Republican voters were AFRAID their Democrat neighbors would discover they secretly supported President Trump. Republicans have allowed themselves to be mocked, shamed, and marginalized for supporting a man whose only crime is putting America first. Open borders flooded with violent, criminal foreign invaders are the result of allowing Democrats to silence them.

How will anti-gun Democrats feel when violent gangs from foreign nations begin roaming their neighborhoods and the police departments they wanted to “defund” are stretched too thin to answer their calls?


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