Zelensky asks Satanist Marina Abramovic to be Ukrainian Ambassador

In the middle of a never-ending war with Russia, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has asked Serbian Satanist Marina Abramovic to become an “Ambassador” for the war-torn country as reported by the UK Telegraph.

Ukraine’s new “ambassador”


Zelensky, pictured at right

Despite what Western propaganda has been saying since the February 2022 outbreak of the war, Ukraine is clearly losing the war against Russia. The “Spring Offensive” by Ukraine against Russia this past spring failed. Ukraine’s three-month-long ‘counteroffensive’ against Russia this past summer, also failed. It met this failure by demanding critics ‘shut up’ about its failure.

The military effort has become so strained, the United States has resorted to utilizing international terrorism against Russia by blowing up Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines in September 2022.

Now, apparently, the war effort rests in the hands of a 76-year-old self-described ‘artist’ most famous for holding severed, bloody, goat heads. “An attack on Ukraine is an attack on humanity and has to be stopped,” Abramovic has said.

Abramovic, pictured, has said she’s “not a Satanist”

Abramovic has denied being a Satanist, claiming she’s just an artist. However this might not mean much since Christians claim Satan and Satanists are chronic liars.


She was briefly a featured artist for Microsoft in 2020 until her ties to Satan became too much even for a company responsible for Windows ME.

Abramovic has been photographed in front of a painting by Thomas Lawrence titled “Satan Summoning his Legions” with controversial left-wing billionaire Jacob Rothschild. Abramovich also had transgressive art installations she called “Spirit Cooking” in 1996 that featured the consumption of bodily fluids while chanting phrases that some allege are Satanic. In 2016, when Wikileaks published the Podesta Archive of emails, Clinton advisor and powerful left-wing operator John Podesta was revealed to be attending “Spirit Cooking” meals with Abramovic as late as 2015.

Abramovic is being asked by Zelensky to “help the children” according to the “artist.”


The United States has sent over $113 Billion in aid to Ukraine over five ’rounds’ during its conflict with Russia. By comparison, the US spent $209 Billion nationwide in 2023 on the federal highways and interstates. This past week Republicans in the House have signaled an increasing resistance to providing more aid to the eastern European conflict, according to a Washington Post columnist the Republican support is barely “hanging by a thread.”

Biden, this week, is discussing giving Ukraine another $325 million in military aid. There’s no word if any of these funds will be used to finance Abramovic’s ‘ambassadorship.’

Of the declared candidates for Republican President, most other than Trump have signaled strong one-sided support to enlarge the Ukraine war with increased aid, and resolve for supporting Ukraine in the current conflict. Notably Ramaswamy wants to end the endless financial welfare to Ukraine.

TRUMP – Has said that he would pressure both Putin and Zelensky to make a peace they would both stick to.

DESANTIS – Has made a few lightly critical comments of Ukraine, calling it a “territorial dispute,” which he quickly and cowardly backtracked on.

CHRISTIE – Has visited Zelensky, and announced his strong support for Ukraine.

PENCE – In addition to making secret trips to Ukraine to show support for Zelensky, Pence told Tucker Carlson, “I believe that it is in the interest of the United States of America to continue to give the Ukrainian military the resources that they need to repel the Russian invasion and restore their sovereignty.”

HALEY – Has said the Ukraine conflict is in the United States’ “national interest” and that the conflict is “one we have to win.”

SCOTT – Has said that supporting Ukraine in the war with Russia is in America’s “vital national interest” and has said he sees the goal as “degrading the Russian military.”

RAMASWAMY – Has said he does not support continued aid to Ukraine. He described the current policy as “disastrous.”

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