“Would They Go to War with Russia? Of Course, They Would! They Want to Anyway” Tucker Carlson Predicts Massive Recession and WW III with Russia before 2024 Elections (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson sat for an interview with Adam Carola earlier this week.

During the interview Tucker warned about the very real dangers of DC elites on both sides of the aisle launching World War III with Russia before the 2024 election.

Tucker predicts World War III next year and a devastating economic recession.

Tucker Carlson: Here’s here’s my view of it. I think the lies are are unsustainable. Lying is always unsustainable. You’re always found out in the end whether in your lifetime or posthumously. But you’re, you know, lies are always revealed by their nature. And these lies are so big and so obvious and so stupid that it’s going to be very clear to the majority of voters before the election that the Biden administration has no idea what it’s doing, that Joe Biden is not running the government and that it’s not working at all.

And I think by that point we’re going to have a real economic contraction. I think we’re going to be in the teeth of a very tough recession. And that makes everything much more intense. And so if your goal is to maintain power and if you think once you relinquish power, the problem with criminalizing politics is the people who do it imagine or know that it will be done to them. So once you start indicting your political opponents, you know that you have to win or else they’re going to indict you. If they win. Right, right. So they can’t lose. They will do anything to win.

So how do they do that? They’re not going to do COVID. Again, I know everyone on the right is afraid. They’re going to do COVID and mask mandates. They’re not going to do that. They can’t do that if they’ve already been exposed. That won’t work. Be no. What are they going to do? They’re going to go to war with Russia is what they’re going to do. There will be a hot war between the United States and Russia in the next year. Really? Yes. Of course, they want it anyway. I don’t think we’ll win it, but that’s a separate analysis. But I think it’s a political matter they need to declare war footing in order to assume war powers in order to win. I believe that, and I think all the evidence suggests that’s true. So if you’re worried about our politics getting even more vicious than it already is and people being hurt in our politics, which is entirely possible, you should be worried about the prospect of an open war.

We’re already at war with Russia, of course, we’re funding their enemies, so we’re fighting Russia. But I mean an open battle with Russia where we say we’re at war with Russia, I think that could easily happen.

I think we could Tonkin Gulf our way into it, where all of a sudden missiles land in Poland. The Russians did it, our NATO allies have been attacked. We’re going to war. I could see that happening very easily. So if you’re worried about that, you need to put as much pressure as you possibly can on the Republican held Senate (House) to force a peace which can be done. The United States could force a peace in Ukraine tonight. We’re funding one side. There is no Ukrainian army outside of NATO if NATO withdrew its support for Ukraine, Ukraine would crumble in a day.

So we are the only power in the world that can bring both sides to the table to force a peace. Which will be unsatisfactory as all forced peaces always are. Each side will give more than it wants. But that’s the only option. Otherwise, I would bet my house on it. We are going to war with Russia. And of course the stakes are everything. Our life on the planet. I mean, these are the two biggest nuclear arsenals in the world facing off against each other. So this is insane. They’re insane. These are people who think men can become women, who believe that face masks save you from COVID I mean, these are not rational people.

Would they go to war with Russia? Of course, they would. Again, they want to anyway. And I don’t know why Republicans don’t get this at all, but they don’t seem to get it. And meanwhile, Republican leaders and Mitch McConnell’s senile too, so I don’t even blame him. But all the stupid Republican senators and McCarthy in the House. I mean it’s pathetic. These people are all on board with the war against Russia. Why?

Donald Trump, Jr. weighed in.

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