Wacko Lincoln Project Founder George Conway Gets Roasted After Trashing Pro-Trump Republicans as “Nihilistic” and “Anti-American” During Whiny Tirade (VIDEO)

Credit: Morning Joe MSNBC Screenshot

Kellyanne’s former lesser half George Conway (who she is in the process of divorcing) made a complete fool of himself on MSNBC early Tuesday morning.

While being interviewed on “Morning Joe,” Conway, who President Trump once called “an extremely unattractive loser” was asked by host Joe Scarborough for his reaction to Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) blocking military promotions in order to repeal a Pentagon policy granting leave and travel expenses to military personnel where they cannot obtain an abortion in the state where they are stationed.

A real conservative would support Tuberville’s efforts to protect unborn children and stop this social engineering practice by the defense department. But the portly Lincoln Project founder instead went on a whiny tirade bashing pro-Trump Republicans for not embracing the Deep State.

Here was his response:

They hate the United States military because it’s a part of the United States government. This is basically, the Republicans have become anti-American, anti-government, anti-the United States. That’s their shtick now.

That’s why they’re attacking the State Department, FBI, prosecutors, and they attack the institutions that normally Republicans were very, very supportive of — now, it’s just this nihilistic attack on American institutions.

VIDEO (Conway appears at roughly the 2:50 mark):

Based on the social media responses, it’s safe to say Wacko George picked the wrong fight because he got brutally roasted.

Here were some of the more biting responses.

This is a great idea that would perhaps make Fox News watchable again. Unfortunately, Conway would be too scared to sit across from Greg Gutfeld and his team.


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