SURPRISE! Democrat Mayor Filmed Getting Spanked by a Drag Queen is a Self-Described MARXIST

A few days ago, we told you about Konstantine Anthony, the Democrat mayor of Burbank, California, who was filmed getting spanked by a drag queen at a fundraiser event that was for ages 15 plus.

The mayor just did an interview with FOX News digital, and it turns out that he is a self-described Marxist.

He also wants to abolish the police. Not defund, but completely dismantle. How do these people get elected?

From FOX News:

The mayor of Burbank, California, who recently made headlines for being spanked by a drag queen at a Democratic fundraiser, spoke to Fox News Digital about his “abolitionist” and “Marxist” ideology in an interview with FOX News Digital…

When asked, “Do you support abolishing the police?” He replied, “Yes, I’m a full abolitionist,” meaning he supports a “policeless state.”

“I don’t believe police have any effect on crime… The instigators of crime are poverty, mental health, economic issues, drug addiction, the family or locale that you live in,” he said.

“I asked people this all the time, I say, ‘Hey, do you work for somebody or are you your own boss?’ And most people say, ‘Well, yes, I work for somebody, but someday I want to be my own boss.’ And I’m like, ‘Cool. You know who wanted everyone to be their own boss? Karl Marx,’” Anthony said.

“Most people don’t understand that the American dream that they’re chasing is something that Democratic Socialists have been fighting for 100 years. We want you to be your own boss. Now you can be collectively your own boss,” he continued. “So when we think about Marxism as an ideology and we remove it from its German roots and we talk about American socialism. It has a very different tone [in its perception].”

It all kind of fits together now, doesn’t it?

Is this guy really the best that Burbank could do for Mayor? There’s no one else who would have been better?


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