Never-Ending ‘Free-Speech’ Koran Burnings Are Bringing Relentless Chaos to Sweden – Dozens of Cars Ablaze in Malmo in Latest Incident

What is happening to the Swedes?

Sweden has allowed for uncontrolled migration, which has ripped apart the fabric of their society, turning the city of Malmo into the ‘rape capital of Europe’, as Muslim migrants go around unchecked in their destroying the once-celebrated Scandinavian way of life.

To make the problem even worse, Sweden is adhering to a ‘peculiar’ view of ‘freedom of speech’ meant to include the right to deface or destroy the holy religious writings of millenary religions, notably the Koran.

They now have one anti-Muslim Iraqi migrant performing a seemingly endless parade of demonstrations defacing the Koran, while thousands of Muslim migrants are left enraged and prone to violent protesting.

Sweden argues that they dropped its last blasphemy laws in the 1970s, and that they have no intention to reintroduce them. So, not only this will ruin the Foreign Relations of the country with a large portion of the international community, but also make it impossible from them to ascend to NATO – Turkey is making this very clear.

But worse than it all – they subject their own population to both extremes of an immigrant-manufactured crisis, as clashes erupt in Malmo.

Associated Press reported:

“Police in Malmo said they were pelted with rocks and dozens of cars were set on fire, including in an underground garage, describing the events that started Sunday and lasted overnight as ‘a violent riot’.”

Iraqi immigrant and anti-Islam activist, Salwan Momika on Sunday burned yet another a copy of the Quran on Monday.

As you would expect, an angry mob tried to stop him, while the police arrested the counter-protesters.

BBC reported:

“Mr. Momika set fire to a Quran in Varnhemstorget, a main square in the city on Sunday afternoon. He has previously desecrated the Quran, in a series of anti-Islam protests, and his actions have caused diplomatic outrage across the Middle East.

A group of angry protesters tried to stop the burning, which resulted in a showdown between them and police.”

The Quran burnings have sparked angry protests in Muslim countries, attacks on Swedish diplomatic missions abroad and multiple threats from Islamic extremists – but hey! ‘Freedom of Speech’, right? No?

Again, AP:

“Early Monday, an angry crowd of mainly young people also set fire to tires and debris and some were seen throwing electric scooters, bicycles and barriers in Malmo’s Rosengard neighborhood, which has seen similar clashes in the past. There were several banners relating to the Quran burning.

[…] ‘I understand that a public gathering like this arouses strong emotions, but we cannot tolerate disturbances and violent expressions like those we saw on Sunday afternoon’, senior police officer Petra Stenkula said.

[…] In the past months, Momika, a refugee from Iraq, has desecrated the Quran in a series of anti-Islam protests mostly in Stockholm that have caused anger in many Muslim countries. Swedish police have allowed his actions, citing freedom of speech.”

Muslim leaders, in Sweden and elsewhere, have called on the government to find ways to stop the Koran burnings.

Sweden has announced ‘an inquiry into legal possibilities’ for enabling police to reject permits for demonstrations ‘over national security concerns’. The sooner the better.

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