Illegal Aliens Use Cardboard to Shield Themselves From Razor Wire as They Cross into El Paso, Texas (VIDEO)

A family of illegal aliens from Venezuela on Tuesday used cardboard to shield themselves as they crawled under razor wire into El Paso, Texas.

The lawlessness at the southern border continues to reach new heights. The Biden Regime’s continued criminal policies and betrayal of its citizens are evident in this daily invasion.

A family of illegals crossed into El Paso, Texas from Juarez, Mexico. They put cardboard under the razor wire to avoid being cut while crossing into the U.S. The most tragic part is when a toddler is seen crying as she is going under the dangerous razor wire.


Courtesy of Jorge Ventura Media.

The illegal aliens know that the Biden Regime won’t send them back. They will be released into the United States and disappear into the population with no accountability. A look back at the last 2.5 years is evidence enough, with millions of illegal aliens that have invaded our country.

The Biden Regime does not even care about using the Border Patrol to do what is meant to, which is actually patrolling and enforcing the border. Instead, they have turned these great men and women into glorified babysitters. They pulled the agents in Eagle Pass, Texas from the field to process illegal aliens. In Biden’s terms that means sending them into the U.S.

The Gateway Pundit has been consistently reporting on the border invasion while the mainstream media ignores it on a daily basis. Earlier this week, illegals can be seen crossing the border in San Diego through an open area where construction was being done on the border wall. To no surprise, no one stopped them.

This is the Biden Regime legacy: Open the borders and destroy 247 years of prosperity.

Video footage at the border shows illegal aliens running into the United States in San Diego, California. Illegals in Tijuana ran through a construction site for the border wall and nobody tried to stop them.

The Biden Regime with its policies has sent a clear message that they won’t do anything to stop people who want to cross the border. There is an incentive to come in because they know they will be released and can disappear into the population.

On Monday Customs and Border Protection had cut barbed wire to let illegals cross into Eagle Pass Texas. This was done thanks to the Biden Regime’s continual betrayal of the American Citizen.

Once again, Biden’s America. The invasion just keeps going with no end in sight. The United States of America under the criminal Biden Regime perpetuates this unconstitutional crisis.


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