Dem Senator, “2X Teacher of the Year,” Gets Wrecked On Social Media For Laughing About Violent Beatdown of Individual By 12 or More Striking UAW Workers—Warns Others: “Don’t mess with the UAW”

There is no shortage of nasty Democrat women in leadership roles in Michigan.

Michigan’s lawless AG Dana Nessel (D), Michigan’s Authoritarian Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), and Michigan’s dishonest SOS Jocelyn Benson (D)

This week’s winner of the most disgusting elected female Democrat in Michigan, however, goes to Senator Dayna Polehanski.

MI Senator Dana Polehanski (D)

On Friday, Senator Polehanski shared a video on Twitter that’s so violent, we’re warning you—it’s hard to watch.

According to the Democrat senator’s Twitter profile, she is the chair of the MI Senate Majority Caucus and the Education Committee Chair. The Democrat senator also claims she was an English teacher for 20 years and a 2-time “Teacher of the Year” recipient.

The violent video Senator Polehanski tweeted was accompanied by a quote “Absorbed” additional punishment, from a Fox 2 Detroit article that claims, without any video or audio evidence, that the man who is being brutally beaten by a large mob of UAW workers was making racial slurs and calling a woman the “b-word,” as he approached their picket line.

The lovely Democrat Senator, who added a laughing emoji to her tweet about the violent beating, warns others who watch the video on her Twitter post: “Don’t mess with the @UAW.”

At the start of the video, a man wearing a neon yellow/green t-shirt is surrounded by a mob of about a dozen or more alleged UAW striking workers picketing in front of a Stellantis (formerly Chrysler) building. Several men, many wearing red t-shirts, can be seen punching and shoving the individual in front of his white SUV with his wife and kids inside the vehicle.

The individual is shoved up against the fence, where he appears to grab one of the striker’s signs and tries to use it to keep the violent mob at bay. When the sign fails to stop the attack, the individual attempts to escape, but instead, he falls backward over what looks like a row of shrubs. Once the man in the neon t-shirt is on his back, the UAW workers descend and take turns kicking and punching him.

Here is the tweet by Democrat Senator Polehanski:

It wasn’t bad enough that Democrat Senator Polehanski was laughing about the violent attack, but she followed it up with yet another tweet. Without any evidence of her claim other than hearsay, Ms. Polehanski warned others:

“Hurl racial slurs at a work family while they’re going without a paycheck means you’re a special kind of ahole who should expect to get your butt kicked.”

Twitter users wrecked the Democrat Senator for promoting and condoning violence on her Twitter account:

One Twitter user wrote:

To clarify, Senator, are you advocating people resorting to violence over words?

It appears you’re advocating for precisely that, which is surely unethical coming from a public official responsible for upholding the Constitution.

Even unpleasant speech is protected speech.

Another Twitter user wrote:

Neither is appropriate, but seeing a sitting State Senator in Michigan support this either way is disgusting.

Two more Twitter users wrote:

“Big fan of violence, are ya? Good to know.”


“So you’re condoning violence?”

And even more condemnation for a Democrat elected official advocating for violence and warning others what will happen if they mess with the UAW strikers:


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