Biden Goes Off-Script, Calls Black Hip-Hop Singer LL Cool J “Boy” Before Catching Himself (VIDEO)

Joe Biden Saturday evening delivered remarks at the 2023 Phoenix Awards Dinner at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

As usual, Biden’s speech was full of lies and gaffes.

Biden once again lied about being involved in the civil rights movement.

This is one of Biden’s favorite lies.

“I started off as a kid in the civil rights movement in Wilmington, Delaware, when I was in high school. And the community, we won the c— we won by a staggering 3,100 or 3,200 votes when I ran the first time for the Senate!” Biden said Saturday night.

At one point racist Joe Biden called black rap artist LL Cool J “boy” before catching himself.

“LL J Cool J, uhh, by the way, that boy’s got— that man’s got biceps bigger than my thighs,” Biden said.

Imagine the headlines if Trump said this.


Joe Biden routinely refers to black men as “boy.”

Earlier this year, Joe Biden referred to Democrat Wes Moore, Maryland’s first black governor as “boy” during his remarks.

“And you got a helluva new governor in Wes Moore, I tell ya,” Biden said. “He’s the real deal and the boy looks like he still play.”

Joe Biden also called a black advisor “boy” during a FEMA briefing in August 2021.


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