WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Rips Apart Liberal “The Five” Co-Host for Suggesting the Garbage Charges Against Trump in Georgia are Justified

Credit: Benny Johnson Twitter Screenshot

Count Greg Gutfeld firmly on the side of President Trump when it comes to the latest garbage charges against him.

As Cristina Laila and Jim Hoft previously reported, Trump and 18 other Republicans were indicted by corrupt Fulton Country District attorney Fani Willis late Monday night on 41 total charges. These include RICO and Conspiracy.

Mark Meadows, Jenna Ellis, John Eastman, Rudy Giuliani, and Sidney Powell, Jeffrey Clark, Mike Roman were some of the other notable names indicted by Willis.

On Wednesday’s episode of Fox News’s “The Five,” Gutfeld ripped apart his fellow co-host Harold Ford Jr. for implying that Willis was justified in her actions targeting Trump and trying to throw him in prison.

Ford claimed that Trump would be in major trouble if Willis “found” so-called “evidence” that suggested that Trump’s state of mind (like she can read it) was different than when he protested the election results.

Once Gutfeld heard this, he went off on Ford and left him stammering a bit. “The Five’s” token liberal was eventually left without words.


Ford: This is what federalism allows to do, which is to allow states to enforce their laws…If they have evidence showing that his state of mind is different than what he claims he will…

Gutfeld: Everything you say makes sense, except it’s all bulls**t! It’s all nonstop. We know this is designed to banish and isolate and to destroy a political outsider.

Who predicted this? Chuck Schumer. Remember, he said, Don’t mess with intel agencies, don’t mess with the intel agencies. They will arrest your team and keep it off the field!

Ford (stammering): But, but do you not think he’s done anything to deserve any of this?

Gutfeld: He is probably one of the most troubling, consequential figures in history. But, no, he doesn’t deserve any of this.

Say what you want about Fox News, but Gutfeld remains a shining light and honest patriot.


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