US Freedom Flyers Continues to Battle Against Government Tyranny – Accuses Organization of Attempting to Abscond with Donations to the Organization

US Freedom Flyers co-founder and President Josh Yoder and TGP’s Jim Hoft.

Josh Yoder is a Veteran, Major Airline Pilot, and President of US Freedom Flyers.

US Freedom Flyers is an organization founded to put a stop to the illegal mandates being imposed on airline employees and the traveling public.

Josh has spoken out boldly on behalf of human rights and freedom. He is a passionate advocate for his constituents in the airline industry.  He has dedicated his life to pursuing justice and bringing accountability to the corrupt transportation system.

US Freedom Flyers has amassed an enormous following of freedom-loving transportation professionals and passengers not only in the United States but worldwide who are unified in the fight against tyranny.

USFF was founded in August 2021 by four airline pilots – Yoder, Ron Souther, Jessica Sarkisian and Veronica Harris – as an unincorporated grassroots organization which quickly attracted tens of thousands of members.

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The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft spoke with Josh Yoder back in September 2022.  We followed up with Josh this past weekend.  The video interview is included at the end of this article.

Josh told TGP a group hired to administer nearly eight hundred thousand dollars from US Freedom Flyers (USFF) donors is now attempting to keep the cash meant to fund litigation against the Biden Administration and the US airline’s illegal and unethical vaccine mandates.

In his interview with Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft, US Freedom Flyers President Josh Yoder said that his group’s top priority is to sue the Federal Aviation Administration for allowing airlines to illegally mandate toxic medical interventions absent of informed consent for pilots and other airline personnel, which caused an “astronomical” number of vaccine injuries, in violation of federal law and FAA’s own regulations. USFF is also pursuing litigation to seek reimbursement for injured personnel and for airline employees whose jobs were terminated for refusal to comply with the illegal mandates.

“We’re also taking on issues like vaccine passports, which the WHO is now saying they’re going to implement in the very near future,” Yoder told Hoft.

“Most people are not aware that airline tickets have already included fine print dictating vaccine passport language,” Yoder pointed out. “That language has now been removed thanks to pushback from [airline] employees and the flying public.”

USFF contracted with former Goldman Sachs banker Leslie Manookian and her Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) to hold money in trust for the newly formed group until it received its non-profit status from the IRS. The contract states that HFDF was to “Administer and Receive donations” and provide a suite of other services for a 10% management fee of all donations raised. The contract is also clear that HFDF would not provide legal services nor advise USFF on any legal decisions. The contract clearly stated that USFF “is responsible for making determinations regarding the objectives of the Litigation, the legal representation, and has the final say in how the litigation is resolved.”

The first USFF lawsuit was filed by Brant Hadaway of the Davillier Law Group in November 2021 challenging the “Federal Contractor” clause of the vaccine mandates, which was directly impacting the airline industry at that time. Those mandates have since been dropped.

When USFF received its non-profit status, Yoder said the board asked HFDF to return the money it raised so it could prepare a lawsuit against the FAA. But Manookian refused. To avoid spending donor money on a needless court battle, Yoder said, the USFF board members unanimously voted to demand that HFDF return the funds to the original donors. But Manookian is now attempting to use USFF donor funds to sue USFF in an Idaho court in an attempt to alter the terms of the contract so HFDF can keep the money that was donated to USFF.

So USFF’s planned litigation against the FAA is currently on hold until this funding fiasco is resolved.

“Our goal going forward is not only accountability for what has happened, but making sure this never happens again,” Yoder added.

The Gateway Pundit reached out to HFDF who replied with the following:

HFDF has always and will always operate with utmost integrity.

Claim #1: when USFF received its non-profit status it asked HFDF to “return” funds, HFDF refused.
Truth: For well over a year, HFDF has been refusing Yoder’s requests to disburse funds illegally and unethically, well before Yoder ever created a  corporation called USFF, Inc. or applied for IRS 501-c-3 determination of that corporation, as Yoder knows.

Claim #2: HFDF has refused to “return” funds.
Truth: As per nonprofit law, the funds were legally donated to HFDF – not the unincorporated USFF nor the newly formed USFF corporate entity – for express purposes of paying for Covid mandate litigation expenses. It is HFDF’s fiduciary and ethical duty to protect donors and properly handle charitable funds, as it has done.

Claim #3: Yoder and his new corporation USFF, Inc. requested funds to prepare a lawsuit against FAA.
Truth: Yoder never submitted any documentation for consideration to HFDF regarding a legal action against FAA.

Claim #4: the funds in question “are now being used [by HFDF] to sue USFF to keep the funds with HFDF.”
Truth: HFDF is seeking court direction to ensure funds are properly handled, consistent with applicable laws specific to charitable funds, with the Idaho AG’s involvement as is legally warranted in this type of charitable fund situation. The court action is for declaratory judgment, a court-issued judgment in which the court clarifies and affirms any rights, obligations and responsibilities of one or more parties involved in civil disputes. The court action is Yoder’s opportunity to make his claim. The funds are sitting in the bank – where they should be – awaiting guidance from the court and HFDF will happily comply with whatever the judge decides.

Additionally, no funds can legally be distributed to USFF, Inc. or given back to donors at this point, as Yoder has publicly demanded HFDF do. The law on such prohibition is absolutely clear.

It should be further noted that Yoder’s spreading of misinformation and defamation of HFDF and its president, Leslie Manookian, have cost a substantial amount of HFDF funds that could have been spent on efforts in the benefit of public interest. We have repeatedly requested that Yoder go through the appropriate legal channels and make his claims through the pending declaratory judgment action. Significantly, Yoder has repeatedly evaded service of process in the pending court case, which specifically addresses the proper use of the funds he seeks.

Instead of doing what is legally required, Yoder has resorted to spreading his false claims on social media. If Yoder were acting in good faith, he would behave in a a professional manner, accept service of process, and make his case to the court.

Again, HFDF will happily comply with whatever the court decides on this matter.

A full FAQ on this matter is available here:

HFDF has a demonstrated track record of successfully fighting for and protecting health freedom for all Americans. As always, we will operate and proceed with the utmost integrity. We sincerely appreciate the continued support of our community and donors.

Donors received the following message when donating to US Freedom Flyers at their website:
Yoder shares, “Despite the current challenges being created by Leslie Manookian, US Freedom Flyers remains committed to our mission of preserving constitutional freedoms within the airline industry by pursuing litigation to protect the rights of aviation employees and passengers alike.”
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