Tucker in Budapest: “The People Who Run the USA are Dangerous and Insane”

US Ambassador to Hungary David Pressman, who is gay, has attacked his host country for “anti-LGBTQ” policies. Speaking in Budapest on Aug. 26, Tucker Carlson said that “the behavior of the American Ambassador to Hungary makes me want to apologize. It’s disgusting and inexcusable.”

Gateway Pundit is the only US medium which has long covered the Biden Regime’s illegal $ 7.5 million Color Revolution campaign to destabilize the Hungarian government.

The behavior of the Biden lackey Pressman is “so far from the norms of diplomacy in my country that it’s hard for me to believe that David Pressman is doing what he’s doing,” Carlson said.

“I say that as someone who’s spent his life, 35 years,  in Washington, I’m the son of a diplomat, so I have a better than average sense of what diplomacy is. ”

“Diplomacy is a pretty simple concept”, Tucker said. “It’s the business of convincing other countries to take your side on matters that help you. The entire premise behind diplomacy is, countries are different.”

“The point of diplomacy is not to hector other nations”, Carlson said. “To show up in someone else’s country and scream at them because they’re different from you… That is the opposite of diplomacy.”

“And so, for a creep like David Pressman – who is not a diplomat, he was a political activist and Biden donor – to show up in your country and lecture you about your culture and threaten you because you do things differently… hurts the United States, is a grave embarrassment to me as an American and an outrage as someone who pays his salary. It’s disgusting.”

“David Pressman is doing this, not on behalf of the American people, who do not share his views, he’s doing it on behalf of a tiny percentage of the American population, on behalf of an interest group, the Human Rights Campaign, paid by US taxpayers to attack you because you have views he doesn’t like”, Tucker said, referring to conservative Catholic Hungarians’ traditional family views.

“That never happened before”, Tucker said. “Nobody from the State Department can get away with that. He’d be recalled immediately, scolded and fired, as David Pressman should be“ (applause).

“I’m embarrassed I share a country of birth with a villain like this”, Tucker said. “It’s horrifying.”

“My advice is, just wait it out”, Tucker said. “The United States is in a place right now where this is not sustainable. You can’t run a global empire based on the imposition of boutique sexual politics on countries that don’t want them.”

35 years ago, his father (Reagan diplomat and Voice of America head Dick Carlson) visited Budapest when they were still under the yoke of the Soviets”, Tucker noted. “The purpose of American diplomacy in Eastern Europe was to help liberate the countries so they could liberate themselves. The idea was, you didn’t want foreign superpowers telling you how to live, because that’s the opposite of democracy. That’s tyranny.”

“The Soviet Union told you, you had to worship Lenin. The State Department tells you, you have to worship transvestites. It’s not so different. It’s a foreign power pushing its weird boutique religion on you. It’s wrong. You worship whatever you want. It’s your country.”

“I love my county”, Tucker said, “but the people who run it now are dangerous and insane.”



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