Texas Municipal Police Association Issues Scathing Statement About Soros-Backed District Attorney’s ‘Woke Agendas and Experimental Politics’

The Texas Municipal Police Association has issued a scathing statement about George Soros-backed District Attorney Hoe Garza’s “woke agendas and experimental politics.”

The Austin Police Department is in a transition phase after the retirement of Chief Joseph Chacon. His former Chief of Staff, Robin Henderson, has been named interim chief by the interim city manager Jesus Garza.

As leadership changes are underway, the police association is urging politicians to reconsider their defund/abolish efforts, according to a report from Law Enforcement Today.

“The recent announcement of George Soros backed District Attorney Hoe Garza’s reelection bid should be an alarm for the silent majority of reasonable Texans,” the statement read.

“Garza has shown a reckless bias against law enforcement officials who perform their duties to maintain law and order. TMPA urges Garza to reconsider his stance towards law enforcement officials as we work collaboratively towards the common goal of protecting public safety. We encourage all citizens to exercise their rights to vote and to choose leaders who prioritize public safety. “

The association also noted the massive staffing shortages police departments are facing.

The association added, “We remain committed to supporting law enforcement officials and ensuring that the citizens of Travis County are protected from a rogue district attorney and activist anti-law enforcement politicians. We call on all reasonable Texans in Travis County to stand with us in prioritizing public safety over politics and holding our elected officials accountable.”

“There currently is no police union contract in place, and the sides agreed to run under the existing agreement as they continue to negotiate. Austin City Council has been negotiating behind closed doors regarding the contract, but did so while inviting a civilian activist group to be part of those private negotiations,” LE Today reports.


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