Proud Boys Member Chris Worrell Who Was Scheduled to be Sentenced for J6 Actions Has Disappeared – Has Cancer – Please Pray for Chris Worrell

A Proud Boys member has vanished from sight just before he was scheduled to be sentenced for alleged “crimes” on J6 according to a report.

As the Associated Press reported on Friday, Christopher Worrell of Naples, Florida was supposed to be sentenced Friday after being found guilty of spraying pepper spray gel at police officers from 12 feet away.  Worrell was accused of being a member of a group that stormed the Capitol as Congress was certifying the 202o presidential election results Congress even though he never actually entered the building.

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Justice Department prosecutors had asked a judge to sentence Worrell for 14 years in prison.

The Biden DOJ also wants to fine Worrell for raising money for this lawyer fees.
Pure evil.

Court records show the sentencing was canceled and a warrant for his arrest issued under seal on Tuesday. Interesting how the Biden regime assumed he was just fleeing from justice and ignoring other possibilities.

Worrell had been on house arrest in Florida since his release from jail in Washington in November 2021. The Gateway Pundit extensively reported on the conditions he was subject to while in the Biden regime’s gulags.

Jim Hoft revealed two years ago that Worrell was subjected to horrifying conditions including a lack of water for several hours. He also contracted COVID on top of his non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer.

Worrell was severely at risk of dying from COVID or cancer while being denied bail. Chris was denied his cancer medication by DC leftist authorities for 166 days.

Here is why they want Worrell to spend 14 years in prison.

Hoft details precisely how Worell was being railroaded by the Biden regime:

Worrell had travelled to DC with his girlfriend on January 6 to hear then-President Donald Trump speak and exercise their right to freely protest the 2020 presidential election.

Following the Stop the Steal rally, Worrell followed the crowd of thousands of people to Capitol Hill to protest. The situation was peaceful at first, but escalated when people began to push against the police barriers to get into the Capitol building.

In videos he recorded on the scene, Worrell can repeatedly be heard calling for peace. One of the clips from his phone captures him telling an officer that he was “not coming through,” when he accidentally bumped into a barricade trying to back away from the situation.

During the chaos, Worrell saw people that he believed to be Antifa pushing towards the police. He maintains that he discharged his pepper spray towards the people he believed to be leftist agitators, to protect the officers. The government claims that he was trying to spray the police, but have not offered any evidence to back this up. Eventually, they conceded that the government “do[es] not currently know with certainty the target at which Worrell was spraying.”

It is critical to note that Worrell was legally carrying the pepper spray.

Let us hope Worrell is unharmed and eventually receives actual justice in a court of law. This means exoneration.

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