A Preview With Michael Savage And A New Question — Will Weapons Shipped To Ukraine Be Used In Africa?

I was interviewed last week by the iconic Michael Savage. Yes, he is a mensch. I understand the full interview will be posted sometime this week. Here is a snippet.

Now, with respect to Niger, things are heating up and a war seems inevitable. African countries still closely aligned with the United States and the United Kingdom (e.g., Nigeria) reportedly are massing forces on the border of Niger. Add to this the continued presence of French and U.S. military personnel based in Niger. By itself I do not believe that Niger has the military force capable of foiling this prospective invasion. The same countries crying crocodile tears over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are ready to use their military force against a sovereign country. This level of hypocrisy is galling.

With the outbreak of war brewing I am wondering if we will see Niger and its allies supplied with NATO weapons that were sent to Ukraine. We know, thanks to 60 Minutes last summer, that substantial amounts of Western weapon systems have been diverted to the black market. Who is buying this stuff? It seems to me that countries like Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso may have found a way to equip their respective armies with Western weapons normally denied to them.

If Niger has grabbed some stinger missiles off the black market then it could use them against French combat aircraft, military transports and U.S. helicopters ferrying members of U.S. Africom around that country. I am sure that the Wagner group, which has a presence in the region, would have access to that equipment and the knowledge of how to use it. Are we looking at the beginning of a new proxy war between the West and Russia? Something to ponder in the coming week.


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