Obama Privately Warned Biden About Trump’s Massive Popularity in Secret White House Huddle – Promised to Help Biden Get Reelected – Then Trump Got Indicted Again

Barack Obama quietly huddled with Joe Biden at the White House on June 27 to discuss a strategy to defeat Trump in 2024.

Obama privately warned Joe Biden about Trump’s massive popularity and promised he would do everything possible to help Biden get reelected, according to the Washington Post.

Shortly after the Obama-Biden White House huddle, Trump was indicted again by the federal government.

Joe Biden doesn’t have a real strategy to win in 2024.

Biden doesn’t have a record to run on because inflation is still high, gas prices are still high and the majority of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track.

Without the cover of Covid, social distancing, lockdowns, massive mail-in ballots flooding the tabulation centers, the only way the Democrats have a fighting chance in 2024 is just to arrest Trump and put him in prison.

“Obama was visiting the White House for what Biden aides described as a regular catch-up between the two men who served in the White House together for eight years. During their lunch, Obama made it clear his concerns were not about Biden’s political abilities, but rather a recognition of Trump’s iron grip on the Republican Party, according to the people.” The Washington Post reported.

The Washington Post reported:

Former president Barack Obama, at a private lunch with President Biden earlier this summer, voiced concern about Donald Trump’s political strengths — including an intensely loyal following, a Trump-friendly conservative media ecosystem and a polarized country — underlining his worry that Trump could be a more formidable candidate than many Democrats realize.

At the lunch, held in late June in the White House residence, Obama promised to do all he could to help the president get reelected, according to two people familiar with the meeting, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private conversation.

That commitment was a welcome gesture for the White House at a time when Biden is eager to lock down promises of help from top Democrats, among whom Obama is easily the biggest star, for what is likely to be a hard-fought reelection race. The contents of the private conversation have not been previously reported.

Nearly a month after Obama’s meeting with Joe Biden, Trump was indicted AGAIN by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Trump was previously indicted on 37 counts in Jack Smith’s classified documents case.

Then last week Jack Smith added 3 new charges to the classified documents case in a superseding indictment.

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