Nevada Ranger’s Conduct ‘Under Review’ After Ramming Through Climate Protest Blockade, Arresting Activists at Gunpoint

The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Rangers released a statement after Nevada Rangers rammed through a climate blockade near the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada on Sunday.

Sunday marked day one of Burning Man 2023, a yearly music and art festival in Northern Nevada.

Climate protestors blocked the road leading to the Burning Man festival causing a major traffic jam.

The climate militants were demanding Burning Man ban private jets and single-use plastics, according to a reporter on scene.

Nevada Tribal Rangers rammed through the blockade, pointed a gun at the activists, and slammed to the ground.

“Get down now! Get on the ground! Don’t move!” the Ranger shouted as he pointed a gun at the climate militants.


A Nevada Ranger told a reporter at the scene they received a 911 call saying that someone in the crowd was going to shoot the activists blocking the street.

This would explain their urgency and aggressive response to the blockade.

The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe released a statement confirming the climate militants were all from out of state.

The Ranger’s conduct is also ‘under review.’

“Upon arrival, Rangers informed the activists to clear themselves from the highway which backed up the traffic for several miles. Our Rangers used his patrol vehicle to move the blockade debris out of the roadway to allw Burning Man traffic to proceed. The involved Ranger’s conduct is under review,” the statement said.

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