Minnesota Man Arrested Over TikTok Gambling Scheme

A Minnesota man has been arrested for running an illegal gambling scheme on TikTok.

Blake Carl Fitzgerald, 40, is accused of going to casinos and letting viewers pay him to gamble for them while livestreaming.

Fitzgerald would go to Mystic Lake Casino Hotel and Treasure Island Resort & Casino, allowing viewers to pay him and choose which slot machine their money went into.

The TikToker would then split the winnings with whoever he was gambling for.

According to a report on Casino.org, Fitzgerald was sent a total of $65,103.50 in Venmo and CashApp payments between October and December 2022.

“Defendant … collected $5.99 from each of his followers, which made them a ‘subscriber’ and allowed them to be part of the ‘discord’ (a private messaging group using the Discord application) and have Defendant place bets on their behalf until their subscription expired,” the court documents allege.

Once subscriptions expired, followers could renew for $5.99. Fitzgerald would also refund players if he ran out of time to gamble on their behalf.

Fitzgerald was caught after someone complained about his endeavor to the Minnesota Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division. He is now facing three counts of running an illegal gambling operation.

The TikToker could face three years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines if convicted.


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